The Party, Part One

Hey, everyone! I know the blog has been dead, and everyone has been anxious to see pics and hear news. We are all alive and well, just busy living every moment to the fullest! It was sooo hot this weekend that I spent as little time as possible in our trailer – thus the lack of updates – until my dear husband installed the air conditioners. But still, I have not had a moment to blog. I am committed to posting an abundance of photos of the weekend’s festivities as soon as I have opportunity. Here are the first few photos I got uploaded in a free moment on Saturday. This is Jesse enjoying his cousin, Bailey (Joel and Kristi’s new puppy). He had sooo much fun with the doggy, and it was just the beginning of a wonderful evening. We’ll be gone all day tomorrow, so you will hear from me again sometime on Tuesday! Farewell, Trina

4 responses to “The Party, Part One”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    There will be some who say “A dog in Jantena’s house???” My reply, “Never woulda thunk it…but he’s my grand-pet for one, well-behaved and positively adorable. Love, mom

  2. Traci Avatar

    Laney, in all of the many pictures that you took, did you happen to get any of my boy dancing?

  3. Laney Avatar

    Boy…4 months (he’s a Bishon Frieze)

  4. Amy Avatar

    My sister Lydia want to know if the puppy is a boy or girl. . .she thinks it is so cute!

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