Our Morning Routine

I’ve been doing some house-cleaning lately and found this post in my draft!. It was originally written in June of 2009, shortly before we moved from the trailer park to where we are now. I enjoyed the little flashback…

I love our Morning Routine. OK, I admit – I love any routine, but mornings are one of my favorite.

Lately Claire has been trying to get our mornings to start at 6:30. But usually we first see each other at 7. I nurse her in bed while we listen to our Christian Radio Station‘s morning show. Then I get up and head down the hallway to the bathroom to get myself ready for the day while Claire begins her first task of the day – Waking Up Daddy. She usually does this by playing with his nose and the covers pulled so determinedly up to his neck. Some mornings, however, she decides to give daddy a break, and I find them both snuggling together drowsily, Claire sucking on her fingers and looking ready for a nap.

I come in and swoop her up and we head further down the hall to her next task – Waking Up Brother. I think I can speak for all three of us when I say this is our favorite part of our favorite routine. I lay Claire down in the crib next to her brother, who greets her with sleepy smiles and a careful rearranging of the covers and pillows so she’ll be comfortable. I leave them cozy and giggling together, Claire usually trying to grab Brother’s passy while he dives under the covers for safety.

I head even further down the hallway (if you’re getting the impression that my house is one long hallway, you’re right – I live in a trailer) to start the coffee – the only thing that really succeeds in waking up the Man. I also begin straightening the kitchen and living room and start breakfast. Every few minutes I trot down the hallway to check on my crew. Very soon we are all out in the kitchen together, me getting the kids into their chairs for breakfast, and Jeremy pouring his coffee.

A few minutes before 8 (if we’re on schedule) we’re downing our breakfast, juice, and coffee and Daddy is getting just about ready to head out the door. But not before hugs and kisses! Each morning as he sees his daddy’s preparations for heading out the door, Jesse puckers up his lips and makes smooching noises from his booster seat to remind Daddy to say goodbye.

It’s amazing how much this aspect of our morning routine mirrors memories of my own childhood (did I do that on purpose?). I remember my own daddy, decked out in his Customs uniform- from military creases to polished black shoes- making his way around the breakfast table giving Olivia (the baby), me, Joel, Jordan, and finally Anja (in a booster seat) a hug and kiss before leaving. I remember his black hair slicked back so carefully and the lingering smell of shaving cream as he braved our sticky fingers and crumbs to whisper “I love you” in our ears. We felt honored that he would make us a part of his daily routine, and I am proud that my own husband has made the same commitment.

Hugs and kisses for Jesse, a careful peck for Claire, who is already covered in bananas and peaches, and a smooch for Mommy and he is out the door. Jesse and I wave out the kitchen windows as he pulls away. We love starting our day this way.

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    Just blogging around this afternoon and found your blog. I love reading the different blogs, they are all so different and unique. Thank you for letting me visit.

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