Another Bridge View

 Yeah, so, as this was one of the coolest parts of our trip, I had to post a few more pictures. We will definitely be going back to Kinzua State Park when they complete the skywalk so we can walk out over the valley.

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Scraps of twisted metal, part of the tornado’s handiwork.

We went down the steps here to get a better view, and left Seth in the stroller up top.

I loved the look on Seth’s face when we got back up to him. It’s as if he knew he had been left alone and had missed the better view. He forgave us, though. 🙂

2 responses to “Another Bridge View”

  1. Kateri Avatar

    That bridge is amazing. I want to go there!

  2. matt and shell Avatar
    matt and shell

    Oh, is he a beautiful baby!

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