The Healthy Living eBook Collection {featuring my book!}

Check out the cyber Monday sale here.

Oh, friends–check this out! My book is being featured in The Healthy Living eBook Collection! Here’s the information on this amazing sale…

27 prominent Healthy Living authors have joined together to bundle 34 of their most popular eBooks, valued at just over $300, for the incredibly low price of $29.

That’s only $0.87 per book to gain inspiration, encouragement, and the practical resources you need for your own healthy lifestyle.
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What’s Included in the Sale?

When you purchase the Healthy Living eBook collection, you will get instant access to each of the 34 eBooks listed below, PLUS FREE Bonuses!

Each Healthy Living eBook Bundle comes with FREE Bonuses from several of our favorite healthy living companies.


Real Food Meals for the Whole Family

Baking, Snacks and Desserts

Homemade “Everything” (Condiments, Pantry Basics, etc.)

Grain Free and Paleo/Primal Eating

Saving Money on Real Food

Skincare and Beauty

Homesteading, Gardening and Preserving

Healthy Lifestyle

Pregnancy and Babies

PLUS, You will receive FREE Bonuses from awesome Healthy Living companies…

This collection is only available from 8 a.m. EST on Monday to 8 a.m. EST on Wednesday. There will be no late sales offered.

Phew! That’s a lot of information! I’m out of breath! But I’m seriously excited to share this offer with you–I’ve already got the bundle and it’s amazing. I’m going to highlight some of my favorites from the bundle in an upcoming post. Meanwhile, snag your copy of this amazing deal, and be sure to enter the drawing for those killer prizes!

P.S. this post does contain affiliates links–I will receive a portion of the sales of the bundle, as it includes my book. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also an affiliate for many of the individual books, so if you just grab one of the titles, you’re still supporting my site–thanks!

7 responses to “The Healthy Living eBook Collection {featuring my book!}”

  1. Michaele Avatar

    Once again – are these e-books formatted for Kindle? I nearly bought the whole bunch until I realized I couldn’t push my computer formatted e-book to my kindle because it was too large (your Real Fast Food that I purchased in the wrong format). if you can send me an e-mail, I’d appreciate it.


    1. Jeremy Avatar

      They are mostly going to be formatted as PDF files.

  2. Cathryn Avatar

    I don’t see a credit card option, only the Paypal. And how do I download it to my phone?

    1. Trina Avatar

      Payment will be processed by paypal, but you will be able to choose the option of paying as a guest and you don’t have to sign up for paypal.

      The books will download just like any other file–you will receive an email from the seller with a download link. You can download and save just as you would for, say, a music file or a photo you may have saved on your phone? I don’t know for sure, because I have droid. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Kelley Hagemeister Avatar

    This sounds awesome! Hopefully I can swing it before the sale is over!

  4. Lisa Avatar

    Trina, is there a way to purchase one of these bundles as a gift? I’d like to have my own copy too, so not sure how that works with confirmation emails and the like.

    1. Trina Avatar

      Lisa, you should purchase two bundles and from the two confirmation emails/download links you will receive, you can forward one to your friend!

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