Jeremy Hacking

Hi, this is Jeremy, Trina’s husband.

I’m writing in response to Jesse’s challenge to blog or vlog about how blogging and attendance at the Allume conference has had a impact on me and my wife.

I have seen profound change in my wife since she first started blogging. I have seen her transformed from being insecure to confident, from being concerned what people think of her to how she can impact other’s thinking, from trying to have something for every reader to having something for that one reader.

I have seen how the input from many of the Allume speakers and bloggers have really helped to balance her blogging with her primary roll as wife and mom. She loves the input of Micheal Hyatt, Seth Godin and others, but so often they would leave her feeling like her efforts were, in some way or other, lacking. Because of the input from Ann Voskamp, Sally Clarkson, Sarah Mae, and more, as well as the friendships that have begun or been strengthened through her online community, she is now able to put her blogging in proper perspective and leave the results up to God.

We together have seen how God has allowed her efforts to provide for us while Trina is able to really share her passion for families to be healthy.

I have also seen her able to flourish as she has really been able to find her writing voice.

Another blessing for her is how she is able to encourage others. She finds great fulfillment in being able to speach encouraging words into others. Whether it be a mom who is worn out at home or a single young lady trying to break old habits and make new ones. A great evidence of her leadership in this area is the fact that most of her online mastermind group will be joining her at Allume this year.

I’m so glad for her to have the opportunity to be at Allume again this year – even if I know it means that it will take 3 weeks to hear the end of stories she will come home with.

The older half,


6 responses to “Jeremy Hacking”

  1. Jesse Avatar

    Great post Jeremy!

    Jesse @theyoungerhalf

  2. Jess Avatar

    Loved reading this Jeremy!

  3. Natasha Avatar

    Ten points, Jeremy!

  4. Christin @ Joyful Mothering Avatar

    Woooo hoooo!!! Way to go Jeremy!! 🙂

    {Love you Trina!!}

  5. Trina Holden Avatar

    You so totally rock. Thanks for making my day!

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