Of Couches and Cousins

On Monday I drove out to Rochester to help my sister-in-law recover her couches. Joanna and Elise came, too and we all worked hard all day, while the cousins played together (sort of- Jesse is scared of his cute cousins. Here are Bethany and Joanna stitch-ripping the zippers out of the old covers so we can re-use them.
Joanna was helping me lay the fabric straight and I caught this cute shot of her. 🙂

We had three sewing machines going at once, and one person pinning all afternoon! We started cutting out at 11 am, began sewing at 1, and finished shortly after 6. It was quite a marathon!

We took two of the old covers apart (one big and one small) to use as patterns for our new ones. This worked great, leaving little room for error.

It’s a good thing we had all four of us, ’cause the babies needed a lot of attention. Jesse was teething, and Esther was tired. Add to that Jesse having a healthy fear of his darling cousin, it got rather noisy at times!

As each cover was done Joanna pulled it on so we could see how good it looked.

I think we’ve been sewing too long!Finally done! Jesse likes the new couch (‘course, he didn’t mind the old one)

Of course, Bethany is delighted. She can hardly wait to put the creamy-coffee color on her walls now.

The big couch – and Elise enjoying the new cushions.
OH, this feels so good. After we finished, we ate dinner and drove 1 1/2 hours through pouring rain. I was so glad to get home – we’d been gone nearly 12 hours!

This post reminds me that I have yet to show you MY couch make-over! I promise to do that soon!

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  1. Serena Avatar

    WOW! That's a lot of work you girls got done! I love your pants, Trina.
    QueenOrual from S&S Board

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