Of Colds and Cupboards

Well, a head cold that got the best of me overnight has me taking it easy today, giving me a chance to get caught up on blogging. I just finished up a post over at our new blog, Lakeview News. If you haven’t visited there yet, you should check it out. It’s full of humorous anecdotes and local news you won’t get anywhere else! And now I am catching up over here. I do have a post planned that will answer the question I posed over the weekend, but that one is waiting on some photos to go with the post, so today I will give you an excerpt from my journal that tells you how we spent our Saturday…

Today we went to a building auction – mostly for stuff for Holden’s project, but really for anything we could get a really good deal on. You won’t believe what we bought…

There were 14 kitchen cabinet sets at the auction. The first one, a huge set with a lovely, natural cherry finish went for $3,700. After that, several sets went for as low as $2,500, which was such a deal that Jeremy said he would consider buying a kitchen for us if we saw one we like! So we went around and both agreed on a shaker-style with dark cherry stain. It was a little darker than what I liked, but I wasn’t gonna be picky if we were going to get a really good deal!

There were two auctioneers who split up and were working down opposite sides of the building. Jeremy was helping his dad bid on the molding and trim and told me to keep an ear out on how much the kitchens were going for. When they got close to taking bids for the cherry set, I went and got Jeremy.

We crowded close and my heart began pounding as the bidding began. (Auctions provide such an adrenaline rush!) The bidding climbed from $1700, $1800, $1900, then $2000, but Jeremy remained still. I was trying to trust that he would make the right decision, but I needed a little help, so I prayed, “Lord, give Jeremy wisdom!” and bit my lip. ๐Ÿ™‚ The bidding continued to rise and then a very excited woman just 4 feet from me won her dream kitchen for $2300. I was not that disappointed – it was a rather crazy idea anyway, to think that we might get the kitchen for our dream home today. Jeremy said he didn’t want to spend over $2000 for something that wasn’t exactly to our taste to begin with. I agreed.

At that point Jeremy went off to see what the tile was going for, and I meandered back and forth between the two auctioneers, just enjoying watching the bidders battle it out for doorknobs, vinyl flooring, generators, and even a hot tub.

Eventually the crowd began to thin out as there was less and less items left to sell. Around 2 pm they got around to the last 3 kitchen sets. Again, Jeremy joined the interested bidders crowding close to the auctioneer. They were bidding for a choice on the last three sets, and one of them was a finish I’d told him I liked. Once more Jeremy watched silently as the bidding quickly went right up and two of the sets sold for $2300. The last set, smallest and plainest in the building, sold for $1900. “Oh, well!” I thought, “that was fun, imagining that we almost bought a kitchen!”

Then suddenly we heard the auctioneer announce they had one more kitchen to sell – there had been a problem with the Natural Cherry Set they had sold in the morning, and they had to sell it again! We practically ran to join the auctioneer at the lovely set, estimated to be worth over $17,000. I looked around and saw there were only 1/2 dozen people even aware of what was happening, and that’s when I started getting excited. The auctioneer started the bid at $4,000. I held perfectly still, trying not to betray my excitement or make any gestures that could be mistaken for a bid. He jabbered the price down to $3,000, then $2,000 still looking for a starting bid, but no one jumped in. Finally he asked, “Anyone interested in this lovely Cherry Dream Kitchen Set?” And that’s when Jeremy called out “$1,000!”

The auctioneer almost laughed. “Any serious interest?” He looked around but the crowd was silent. Jeremy called again – “$1,000!” The auctioneer’s assistant said, “Just sell it, man.” So the bidding started there, with only one other person bidding rather half heartedly against Jeremy (we had watched this couple and they had already bought two other sets – they obviously were getting low on cash) We rode the bid up to $2,000 and that’s when the opposition started faltering. Jeremy knew that if he held out just a little big longer, it would be ours. I had basically stopped breathing at this point as the auctioneer sang out “22 – 22 – whoo’llgiveme22thousand? 21fifty?21fifty?21fifty?” (We were screaming inside “C’mon! Just say ‘sold’ already!“)

“SOLD! to number 88 for $2,100!” And it was ours!

For the next hour as the guys loaded up the other purchases, I just wandered back and forth in my new kitchen in shock – feeling the smooth wood, pulling out drawers and admiring the beautiful details of the cabinets. I couldn’t believe we had just bought the dream kitchen for our home, and how the Lord had answered my prayer and provided it for us for such a great price. It makes our dream home seem a little closer, a little more of a reality, though it will be a few years yet before we even start building. Thank You, Lord!

Jeremy is picking up the rest of the cabinets today, which we will put into storage until we need them. I may get a chance to take some pictures, and if I do I will be sure to post them.

6 responses to “Of Colds and Cupboards”

  1. Serena Avatar

    That is SO exciting! I am thrilled for you!!!!!

  2. Kateri Avatar

    Wow! Can’t wait to see photos of your new kitchen!

  3. rachelfinder Avatar

    Trina! That is awesome! I love how the Lord provided for your needs, in exactly His timing and his economy. That is awesome! Can’t wait to see the pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Abbey Avatar

    That is soo exciting Trina!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures!!!!

    Btw,I love the new collage!!! Very nice and springy!

  5. Rachel Avatar

    I would love love LOOOOVEEEE to see pictures! I’m so excited for you guys! That’s an amazing answer to prayer and one step closer to your house! Hooray!

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