A guessing game

I made something in this photo – can you guess what it is?

I have had a very demanding week, but after our Sabbath Rest I hope to come back and tell you about my latest project – something I am very, very excited about. Very. See you next week!

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6 responses to “A guessing game”

  1. Traci Avatar

    I’m guessing the shirt too, but the boy was definitely the first answer I thought of.

  2. rahraht Avatar

    HeeHee “The Boy” of course, but I was also thinking that the shirt might be your latest project.

  3. Abigail Avatar

    The boy? 😛

  4. Abigail Avatar
  5. Duck Avatar

    That’s what I thought of too.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Could it be the shirt he’s got on?

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