Number Eleven!

Last Saturday we attended our friend Sarah’s 20th birthday. I found the perfect ‘Sarah-ish’ fabric for an Emmeline Apron for her.

She loved it!

My Mom watercolored her card for Sarah…

The opposite side was a sage green calico. I have so much fun choosing complimentary fabrics for these aprons, and I like to make one side ‘calmer’ than the other so the apron can look good with a variety of outfits. 🙂

Here’s Sarah with the vintage table cloth she received from a “Vintage friend”.
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  1. Traci Avatar

    Trina she did indeed love the apron. I’ve witnessed her riding around the neighborhood via four-wheeler wearing none other than that apron. It’s quite the site. I imagine passersby are caught wondering “Where on earth did that girl get such a beautiful, stunningly feminine apron??” Well. They wonder that among other things, lol.

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