The NoteTaker

If you are not a list maker already, having this handy little fabric tablet to jot things down in will convert you!

Once again, I used thrifted fabric with great results. This was originally a mini skirt! The large floral prints and olive green with teal reminded me of the current trends in fabric design that are so appealing to me.

I used Craft Apple’s Patchfolio for inspiration.
As a dedicated list maker (“the more you write down, the more you get to cross off!”) I have used mine ALL the time, and it’s very nice to have all my lists in the same place.
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2 responses to “The NoteTaker”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Trina, you need to do a tutorial for this. I would love to make one.
    You (and Anja and Olivia) should have an online store. You guys are so creative. It makes me just a little jealous. 🙂

  2. Rebecca Avatar

    Very cute!

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