The Emmaline Apron

Now that the shower is past, I can show you what I was working on last week. πŸ™‚

This is the Emmaline apron, pattern available at Montessori by Hand.
I am absolutely in love with this apron – feminine, flattering, comfortable, and-


Remember that post last month about thrifted fabric?

Here’s what I did with that vintage 70’s sheet I got for $1.50. Course, the apron only used a 1/4 of the sheets, so there’s still a lot of fun left to be had from that dollar and a half!

The bride-to-be loved her apron, and the matching NoteTaker I made her. Tomorrow I’ll show you what a NoteTaker is. πŸ™‚
Now I need to make myself an apron.
As my sister-in-law, Joanna, said, wearing it makes you ‘feel like baking a cake’!
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12 responses to “The Emmaline Apron”

  1. margie bohall Avatar

    I love to check out your blog to see what new and interesting thing you are up to. I also loved Claire's apron. Do you have a pattern you could share for that? I would love to make one for my granddaughter.
    Thanks, one of Joanna's aunts by marriage Margie

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Love the apron and the fabric. Brings me back to 1970!

    Tante Antje

  3. morgan coy Avatar
    morgan coy

    How cute! Have you heard of Jessie Steel aprons? They are kind of like that too. There is a link on my blog, but I can't remember what it is off the top of my head. =)

  4. Analisa Avatar

    I want to turn that into a dress! It is so cute! I love that it is reversible! Love,

  5. La Brebis Roses Avatar
    La Brebis Roses

    I'm glad you posted photos of it. Thank you so much for making it and the NoteTaker for me. (Fellow readers, you are in for a treat.) Joanna is right. I've been wearing it around a lot even when I'm not cooking and it does make you want cake. Maybe that is what caused me to make the cake-like muffins this morning. πŸ˜‰

  6. rahraht Avatar

    "Sigh" … makes me wish I had the patience to sew on a home machine. My years in auto upholstery with an industrial machine make it hard for me to wait while my mom's Singer "plods" a line. πŸ™‚

  7. Laney Avatar

    Lovely Apron Dear! hint hint, my bday is in acouple of months…!!! *wink*
    We've had alot of warm weather here lately, its making me itch for spring cleaning….I'll have to email you about MY sewing projects….YES, I said sewing!!

  8. Trina Avatar

    thanks, all of you! I hope to make a lot more of these – I just have to wait for the right fabric to show up at the thrift store! πŸ™‚

  9. Will Avatar

    I really like the look of the side that you used the vintage fabric on. It goes so well with that orange sash.

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    LOVE the apron Trina!
    The way the colors came together is beautiful!
    Love Aunt Marilyn

  11. abigail van buren Avatar
    abigail van buren

    I love that apron! I really like that it's reversible, and the colors are awesome.

  12. Natalie Roth Avatar
    Natalie Roth

    Oh cool, that's the apron pattern I like! I'm going to have to get one of those.

    The apron turned out really nice!

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