The New Do

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8 responses to “The New Do”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    Your hair looks wonderful, Trina!! That last picture is beautiful!!!

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    Ooo nice new dew!!It must be so much easier to take care of.I always think about getting my hair cut short like that but I never do it since I always end up missing it when it’s gone.You look cute in it though!! 🙂

  3. Christine Avatar

    Love it! Whenever I cut mine short that’s the style I go for – so flattering! Looks great on you!

  4. Serena Avatar

    SO cute!!! It suits you <>perfectly<>!

  5. Traci Avatar

    I love it too. It’s a cute style, and you’re right, it’s very “you”.

  6. rahraht Avatar

    Love,love, love it!!! I did the same style last summer and got raves. What do your “guys” think?

  7. The Coys Avatar
    The Coys


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