Caption Contest

I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of this little man konked out next to me on the bed. Do me the honor of coming up with a most fitting caption for this shot for me to use in his scrapbook someday…

10 responses to “Caption Contest”

  1. Trina Avatar

    lol – you guys are great!

  2. Stephanie Avatar


  3. Anneloes Avatar

    “yummy yummy I have a full tummy”

  4. Abbey Avatar

    “Wow! That ceiling is the biggest thing I've seen yet!!”:)

  5. Abigail Avatar
  6. Belle Avatar
  7. equestrian4jc Avatar

    Hmmm, let's think …a good caption….I'm not really sure, I know whenever I sleep that well I thing “Ah…life”.
    Congratulations on that little man, what a hunk!!

  8. KnittySue Avatar

    OH MAN that was quite a journey…now to sleep it off.

    He's so so cute..hope mama is feeling stronger each day.

  9. victoria Avatar

    It goes like this….ZZZZZZZZZ

  10. DUCK Avatar

    Oh when will they stop adoring me?!!!!

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