My Sewing Girls

I love my sewing girls. They are three sisters who trade sewing lessons for babysitting and mommy-help. I love our afternoons together, learning and working together.

Last month they completed their Emmaline Aprons. I am so impressed by how quickly they learn and what careful seamstresses they are. They are a joy to teach.

(The aprons are reversable!)
I would encourage you, if you have a skill to share, consider bartering! Find someone who wants what you have, and who may have something you need. I have sewing skills, these girls wanted to learn. I needed mommy-help, they had the time! It’s a wonderful, mutually benificial relationship.

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  1. matt and shell Avatar
    matt and shell

    I love those aprons!! So wish I lived close enough to take a class… sniff, sniff

  2. Belle Avatar

    Bartering is a great idea. I am glad to see young girls still want to sew. My mom taught me and I sewed my girl's clothes for years. It is a wonderful skill to pass on.

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