Mud Daubers

I believe in letting my kids have fun.

But I confess I did not know they had gone out after the rainstorm to play in the mud until after I heard a little knock on the door and found my daughter slathered in fresh, brown mud. From hair to toes, and everywhere in between, she had been smeared (purposefully, with brother’s help, I strongly suspect) with mud. She was happy and oblivious.

Seeing the joy and humor in the situation, I grabbed the camera and snapped some pictures before sending them with daddy to the hose to be sprayed down.

Brother’s explanation of the situation was – “Us makin’ Water Muffins!!!”

No baby, yet, peoples! I assure you that the blog will be updated in a timely fashion as soon as there is news!

3 responses to “Mud Daubers”

  1. Karen Avatar

    My goodness gracious. lol They always say mud is so good for the complexion tho 🙂 This is a riot.

  2. rahrahbt Avatar

    Water Muffins!?! That's one for the books – that is if you keep a book of their sweet and funny sayings. Then again, you have this blog as a record.

  3. Belle Avatar

    My memory of childhood is sketchy, but I do remember the joy of making mudpies. Water muffins are just as good.

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