Discovering a love of poetry

My treasures from the books sale in piles on my couch

I came into my love of poetry rather late in life. Despite being exposed to various styles of verse in my elementary years, I nevertheless got the impression that there were too many rules for me to ever get the hang of writing poetry. Consequently, I left it alone, neither writing or reading it.

Then I came across a book that blew my previous definition of poetry completely out of the water. “Poemcrazy” by Susan Goldsmith Woolridge taught me that poems didn’t HAVE to rhyme! Susan showed me how easy it was to express yourself with words, that poetry is a state of mind, and that anyone can write poetry. So I did. I also started reading more poetry, and discovered a whole world I hardly knew existed.

I always thought it would be cool and cultured to have a favorite poet, but before I was 20, the only poet I could name was Dr. Seuss. Since then I have discovered many beloved poems and poets, and am in no better place to choose a favorite! But I do know what, or who, to look for when I am at a book sale and browse past the poetry section! “Oh, I would love some Ogden Nash!” I thought to myself last Monday, and promptly helped myself to 2 paperbacks, collections of his work, to add to my collection. Here is why I love him…

The Octopus
Tell me, O Octopus, I begs
Is those things arms, or is they legs?
I marvel at thee, Octopus;
If I were thou, I’d call me Us.The Termite
Some primal termite knocked on wood
And tasted it, and found it good,
And that is why your Cousin May
Fell through the parlor floor today.

He writes longer poems, too, of course, but I’m not gonna transcribe a book for you! You should go find some of his work yourself, and have a good laugh. 🙂

2 responses to “Discovering a love of poetry”

  1. Will Avatar

    hahaha! I just burst out laughing! That termite poem is awesome!

  2. Abbey Avatar

    I loved the termite poem!!!! I have memorized a few stanzas of a poem that is quite funny too. I should post it sometime.

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