Home Improvements

Yesterday Jeremy worked on my Honey-Do list on his lunch break, since he will be gone most of the weekend at the ski program.

Jesse was his willing helper and ran to get his drill as soon as he saw what Daddy was up to.

Jesse imitated everything Daddy did, including holding a screw between his lips. 🙂

Together they installed two rows of hooks in the hallway – one for Daddy and Mommy’s coats, and one for Jesse’s. Hooray! Now the Boy can hang his own coat up, and we don’t have to have coats lying around on all the furniture all winter! It’s Beautiful – Thanks, Honey!

(The first picture was taken on my camera – the rest on Jeremy’s. His camera is sooo cool! That’s my newest Emmeline apron hanging on the new hooks. This one is for ME! :))

2 responses to “Home Improvements”

  1. Kateri Avatar

    Jesse looks like such a great little helper!

  2. Abbey Avatar

    Wow!!! Your new header is amazing!!! I love it!

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