Moments from my day

This is the season of…

Finding nude Q-tips in the bathroom – evidence of a curious two year old with a fascination for bits of fuzz.

A little hand unknowingly making a fist around my apron string – hang on as long as you want, little girl

A little girl smiling and hiccuping while I change her second blow-out of the day. I smile back knowing this season will pass faster than I can imagine.

A surprise purple balloon becoming the highlight of a little boy’s day.

Equal quantity of signed words as spoken ones from a quiet yet terribly smart little boy. “Meat” he signs at lunch, “More juice!” he cries at breakfast.

Realizing the living room actually got cleaned faster with Jesse’s help than without – what a great little errand boy he is.

The combined joy and stress of having a young boy help with breakfast. Wondering what it will be like to have two little children helping in the kitchen. Deciding to take a nap at the very thought….

2 responses to “Moments from my day”

  1. Traci Avatar

    Ah the memories.. thankfully Vivi was better than Aidan.. I remember one day standing there holding him and HEARING him go. As I groaned, the person I was talking to says “Um, he just pooped on your shoes!” Sure enough it overflowed right down his pantleg and on my shoe.*sigh* such a cute little guy he was though.

  2. Kinsleys5 Avatar

    Ah yes – well as I get ready to enter a new season of blowouts myself in just a few weeks, I can only pray that season does pass faster than I imagine!! 🙂

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