A Martha Moment

After three weeks on vacation, miles from my studio, I was itching to make something pretty when we got home. I was much to busy to start a project the first week home, but I did have to wrap a late birthday present for Olivia (she turned 18 on the 18th of July!). Tissue paper from a discount store in Ohio came together serendipitously with a $40 tie I found at the thrift store here in NY (for $1.30). My sisters love ties (dontchaknow) and I love using them for wrapping gifts, but for some reason this was the first time I’d actually found a good way to use it on the outside of the package. Why did it take so long? I simply tied a traditional bow knot, quite low on the thick end of the tie, and put the neck loop diagonally around the package. Perfection. 🙂
Inside is a lovely, purple plate for her wall-plate collection. You should ask her what a wall plate collection is, ’cause I have to go now.
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    Happy, HAPPY (late) birthday, Olivia!!

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