Empire Farm Days

This was the week of the annual farm show just up the road from us. Here is Jesse and Uncle Bub, ready to treck across the acres of parking and vendors to bring Daddy his lunch at the Holden Coal booth.

Each day we have gone Jesse has spent the entire time climbing around on BIG tractors with his uncles.

Way too much fun, Mom!

Sizing up his next ride.
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3 responses to “Empire Farm Days”

  1. Traci Avatar

    So cute! Our little tractor lover will be so excited to see pictures of Jesse’s fun.

  2. Abbey Avatar

    That looks like alot of fun!!

  3. Miki Avatar

    such cute pictures! i remember my son at that age could identify all of the various types of farming equipment… he could barely pronounce the names but he certainly knew his “vestahs” from his “ohm-bines” 😉

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