Let’s Celebrate This Heatwave!

It’s hot, people – let’s do something to distract ourselves, shall we? This post will be an attempt to update you on all the stuff that’s been happening behind the scenes with the release of my book. You, my readers, deserve to know! And I have something special for you at the end of the post that should provide lovely distraction. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Coming to Kindle and Nook! Jeremy’s working hard right now on formatting the book so those of you who have these handy gadgets can read the book in your preferred format! We’re shooting to have that available the beginning of August.

2. Official Launch Coming Soon! You know how a new store opens and then, a few weeks later actually has its ‘official opening?’ Well, my book release has been like that. I released it to you, my readers, in June, but that was sorta practice for launching it out beyond my own sphere of influence.
I just read the new book “How to Market and Sell Your eBook” by Sarah Mae.  A lot of the ideas center around making it easy for you, my readers, to help me spread the word. It’s literally impossible for this book to be a success without you! So, I’m putting it on sale, just for you! Oh, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself!

3. Community is Here! Another thing I learned from Sarah Mae is how important it is to create community around your book. I’ve been trying to do this, but now I’ve had some very clear direction. Here’s what’s new…

  • Real {Fast} Food is on Facebook! I’ve created a facebook page for the book. You can ‘like’ it to keep updated on sales, news, and bonus material!
  • Real Fast Cooks is a facebook group you can join – we’re already discussing recipes, questions, ideas, and encouraging each other toward feeding our families well and still having time to enjoy some summer fun!

4. Sales and Free Stuff! And this is just because I love you all…

  • As of this post, the book is 1/2 OFF – just $4 – through the end of July!!! Use coupon code “HALFOFF” to get your copy of the book!
  • But wait, if you’re really fast, you could get your book for free – The first 8 people to ‘like’ Real {Fast} Food Facebook page  will win a FREE COPY of the book. Ready, set, GO! (If you already own the book, I’ll give you a free copy to forward to a friend!)

(I think the best part of making something yourself is getting to put it on sale and give it away. I’m so glad I get to do this for you all)

How’s that for some fun to distract you from the heatwave?

And just in case any of you are as intimidated as I was the first time I bought an ebook, here’s step-by-step instructions….

1. Click here – it will take you straight to the online host that sells my book.
2. Fill in your zip code (so they can calculate sales tax)
3. Enter discount code ‘HALFOFF’
4. Click ‘Update cart’
5. Choose your payment method (Credit, Debit, or PayPal) and complete transaction
6. Fill in your name and email address and choose if you want receive updates from me on the book (I don’t spam – I’ve yet to email my customers :))
7. Click, “proceed with checkout’.
8. Next screen gives you the link to download. When you click on it, a window should pop up on your screen asking you what you want to do with this file. Choose ‘save file’ and hit ‘ok’ or ‘continue’.
8. The file will now be on your computer, and the easiest way for you to find it is to look under ‘recent downloads’. Once you find it, you may want to save it elsewhere, like on your desktop or under documents.

Get your book now so you can read it and be ready to help me tell the world about it next month!

This post contains affiliate links.

6 responses to “Let’s Celebrate This Heatwave!”

  1. "Pearl of Great Price" Avatar

    I got rid of Facebook so I can't “like” it but I did enjoy your book and I look forward to trying more of the tools from the book!

  2. Ann Avatar

    Trina, Will do but I have to get through this weekend first. Traveling to CT in the heat is overwhelming me just a little…

  3. Trina Avatar

    Ann – shoot me that email and we can discuss doing a book review!

    Kateri, I will send you a new link. ๐Ÿ™‚ You won't be the first.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm, gals!

  4. Kateri Avatar

    I would change step 8 to “definitely save it to a place that you can find easily–like the desktop or documents.” I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I managed to loose the entire book when my computer crashed. I did not however save it to a specific place so that is what I am guessing I did wrong.

  5. Ann Avatar

    I like it I like it! I actually was thinking about reviewing your book on my blog. I don't get a huge amount of traffic yet but hey maybe a review will help…Also being new at this I am not sure if I need permission to do that. I have a busy weekend coming up and then I was going to email and ask but since you posted this…

  6. Tanya Avatar

    You must be so excited!

    I 'liked' you on facebook, and I have a few foodies on my friends list, so who knows!

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