King of the Mound

Last week Jeremy worked on our driveway. We realized over the winter that we were putting a lot more traffic on our new driveway than Harriet* ever did, and that, come spring, we’d need to do some major mainanace and re-construction. The first step was to grade the lawn in front of the barn to create a larger parking space.

The ensuing pile of dirt behind the barn is Jesse’s new favorite hang out.

He is King of the Mound. He climbs repeatedly to the top of the mound to slide and tumble back down.  Frequent comments are,
“Me like goin’ Barefoot!”
“Me gettin’ my piggies dirty!”

Yeah, and everything else, too. Glorious, dirty fun.

But I am willing to give him showers twice a day to facilitate this kind of Boy Heaven…

* Harriet was the name of the dear lady who owned the house before us. She lived here 60 years before she died last spring, and I have come to feel as if I know her, as so much of her personality is left in the corners of the house and yard.

3 responses to “King of the Mound”

  1. Abbey Avatar
  2. Kateri Avatar

    Priceless! Lucky boy to have a mom who lets him play in the dirt to hearts content. 🙂

  3. Larry & Amanda Avatar

    A boy and a pile of dirt – it doesn't get much better than that!

    Says the mother of 4 sons…..and one lovely young lady ~Amanda

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