FLN’s Spring Sharathon

We’re heading down again today – to join in the fun and fellowship at our Christian Radio Station’s Spring Sharathon. This is like no sharathon you’ve ever seen or heard – it’s loads of fun, a great thing for the whole family, and the food is AWESOME! Jesse loves the kid’s carnival, run by our own friend, Katie, and today I get to volunteer in the kitchen with Sherri Waters, one of my heroes. She’s the head of FLN’s Kitchen, and does an great job of serving tasty and nutritious meals to hundreds of people at all their events. If you live within driving distance, you ought to come on out and join the fun!

FLN’s Spring Sharathon – support this awesome radio station and all of it’s ministries!
Live Streaming Video of the goings on (you could have seen me here last night when Jeremy and I were answering phones!)
Check out the photo archive of the last three days here. By tonight you might see some photos of our gang up there, too!

(photos from last year’s Fall Sharathon)

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  1. Miki Avatar

    Wow! I didn't know you were involved with FLN! That is the only radio station we listen to… well except for the classical station Noah has on in his room. We have been down for their share-a-thons before and I agree: they are sooo much fun. Noah has been bugging me big time to take him down; he wants to meet George Swett in the worst way. So if you see George, tell him that Noah from Albion says howdy *waving*

    Actually, one of my most embarrassing mothering moments happened during a share-a-thon visit… but that's a story for another time (or maybe never, depending on the state of my pride;))

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