Jesse’s birthday, part 3 THE CAKE!

This is a funny picture of mommy trying to keep my fingers and the rest of me out of my cake. Daddy decorated it with a picture of ‘Mater off of the movie “Cars”.
I’m wearing my new pj’s from Grandma (Holden). They are soo cool – they have dinosaurs on them!

I was a bit intimidated by having an entire piece of cake to myself, so mommy had to feed me my first bite.

I was very interested after I had my first taste. She cut it into pieces for me.

Then I stuffed my face!

There – I hope you liked all the pictures of my birthday. Thanks for all the comments. I feel very important being on the blog all week! And just for turning 1! Oh, guess what I am getting for a late birthday present? A new tooth! Finally – after 6 months, I’m getting more teeth! Momma keeps telling me as soon as I have “opposing teeth” I can have more yummy foods. I –
oh- momma says I have to stop chatting now and go take my nap . Bye!

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2 responses to “Jesse’s birthday, part 3 THE CAKE!”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    Well, Jesse. I enjoyed hearing all about your birthday. Looks like you had a great time! And congrats on your new tooth!!!

  2. Will Avatar

    Haha that is a great picture of Jesse looking at his cake as you cut it 😀 Good job on the icing Jeremy

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