In which we continue on the theme of tractors

The other day I got my first lesson in driving the tractor. I was nervous until Jeremy explained there was no clutch and no gears (instead it has hyperstatic something-er-other). I have a fear of clutches. And gears. And grinding gears. And my tractor driving experiences in my long distant past are stressful and need to remain buried. But this – this was a blast! Even easier than a car. Really about as simple as a bulldozer (and bulldozers are simple – I have driven a bulldozer and I like them.) Suffice to say, I enjoyed it.

Then Claire got her first tractor ride. I came out to take pictures of Daddy and Jesse on the Tractor (cause that’s all we seem to take pictures of anymore, right?) and I had her on my hip – her face lit up, her eyes got bigger than ever, and she shrieked with excitment, which, being interpreted, meant, “Daddy, Daddy! Me Toooo!”

All the tractor hulabaloo has revived interest in the small “Don-Deere Tactor” we had in the play room. Jesse spends hours riding around and around in the house and the yard.

Here he is helping haul Irise tubers to be transplanted to the flower bed by the barn. He is as tickled to be helping as I was to have a helper.
P.S. I have extra irises – I don’t know what color they are, they were here when we moved in and in trnasplanting them I found I had way more than I needed – come to the Open House and take some home!
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2 responses to “In which we continue on the theme of tractors”

  1. Karen Avatar

    You go girl !!! Would have like to seen you drive that bulldozer.LOL
    So does this mean you can keep the neighborhood driveways cleaned out this winter when we get snow? LOL

  2. Kateri Avatar

    Sounds like Claire is going to grow up to be a real farm girl. Jesse is so cute with his little tractor. =)

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