I tried…

…to do a scrapjack and missed the deadline – by one day!!! I was so bummed. I think my world is too small if something this insignificant can spread such a cloud over my day. Then again, maybe it’s the weather – gray and wet with some lovely thunderstorms today. I keep having to turn the computer off as another storm comes through. I am glad for the rain for my new garden.
Anyway, I got so tired of not having any photos for my blog, I borrowed my in-law’s camera at lunch to photograph my jack. (for those unfamiliar with my weird terms – go to scrapjack’s blog to see what I”m talking about. Basically it’s ‘lifting’ another scrapper’s ideas and copying their layout with your own photos. And on this site you can win a really cool prize if they like your jack best!)This is my scrapjack page…

and this is the facing page…

I feel like I totally went out of my comfort zone – and didn’t even get in on the contest! Oh, well, I got a page done! What do you think?

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  1. Alice Avatar

    I like it! It's beautiful!

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