How does my garden grow?

It was a hot day – 80’s and Mom and I were up at the house on Main St. working on my garden there. I went to a plant swap last week and Mom sent me with extras from her yard to trade for stuff for my new garden. I got hostas, lily-in-the-valley, and a few other things that like shade – all on the one side of the house it is almost full shade, so I am putting in a shade garden there. Mom and I muscled rocks and shoveled dirt. We made a set of stone steps leading to the little patio, and planned a few little flower beds. I was so excited at what we got done in just a few hours – thanks to my Mom! I wish we had before and after pictures, but the camera’s still getting repaired! ๐Ÿ™ At least we will have it for afterwards. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s the best part.By the time I finished hauling water and giving everything a good drink, I was filthy and sweaty hot! I am real pleased with how it looks now. Though the house won’t be livable for months, the first impression as you walk up to the back door is very welcoming.

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  1. Trina Avatar

    welcome, girls! I am so delighted that you stopped by!

    Yes, Lily-of-the-valley will be one of the main flowers in my shade garden!

    Serena, someday my husband and I will build our dream house on our own property (hopefully!)looking over the lake…the house on main st. is a fixer-upper we will abide in until we buy our land! We have been in a trailer since our marriage, so I am excited to move into a real house.

  2. Serena Avatar

    Oh, sorry! I'm QueenOrual from the S&S Forum.

  3. Serena Avatar

    Are you and your husband building a house? Your garden sounds lovely, Lily-in-the-Valley! Lily-of-the-valley is my favorite flower.

  4. AmeliaB Avatar

    How fun! My Mom is really into gardening and she makes are backyard like a Victorian wonderland every Spring and Summer. ๐Ÿ™‚ Aren't Moms a blessing?

    ~Amelia (Sensible Daughter from S&S)

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