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This awesome little article by my father-in-law. Do you know a parent who could use an encouraging word? Print this off and give them a copy. The last line is so powerful.

Parenting Adult Children

Mark Holden

My parents told me that parenting toddlers is a snap compared to parenting older children. hey were right. In fact, I now believe that it is a little bit like walking through a mine field. I really have a sense on some days that if I step in the wrong place I could blow my leg off, or my child’s. The evidence of previous casualties lies all around. The carnage of “blown apart” relationships, frazzled parent, and dismembered youths fills the air with the stench of disappointment and disillusionment.

I now have five children who have graduated into adulthood. The process has been unique for each one. Their pain is my pain. The searching that they each must do to find their own identity in life is my search. I watch agonizingly as they wrestle with life choices, with developing their own convictions, with establishing their own walk with Christ.

There comes point at which my role as an overseer comes to a complete end. I am now only a counselor, and as such, must rest in the reality that sometimes my counsel in not sought.

My place of rest and hope is in the presence of my God. It is only by the assurance of His presence and plan that I am able to sleep at night. He is leading me to have greater confidence in prayer. He is teaching me how to listen. He is enabling me to trust and not be afraid.

One at a time my children disembark from the sailing vessel of my home. Each one steps into his own dinghy, some timidly and with great caution, others with boldness, even over-confidence. I watch as they rock their own boat, attempting to gain stability and direction. My greatest hope is that they will invite the Captain of the sea to govern their helm. My greatest assurance comes from knowing that He also governs the waves.

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  1. Genuine Lustre Avatar

    With my eldest now away at college, this is indeed a keeper. Thanks Trina!

  2. Traci Avatar

    Very reassuring indeed. I don’t even want to think of those years yet because I know that they will be terribly challenging for me.

  3. April Avatar

    Wow, that was great! Thank you for giving in to the urge to share! 😉

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