How’s That Working For You? Part 2 – 12 Things That Work For Me

How’s That Working For You -Part 1 – On Living Intentionally

Here’s a list of things that are a part of my life that ‘work for me’.

Again, my purpose in sharing these things is not to debate, or to show you how right I am and how wrong you are – that’s not it at all. I simply hope to inspire you to evaluate where you stand, and why you’re standing there. I’m going to be brief, and hope to address each of these points more fully in later posts.

1. I believe my health (and that of my family) is in direct relation to what we eat. For this reason, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare nutrient dense meals from whole ingredients, believing this to be the key to my family’s present and future health.
Result: We are rarely sick, and when we do catch the occasional bug, we recover quickly. My kids have never needed antibiotics or even had an earache. The future benefits remain to be seen, but I’m excited!

2. I believe in breastfeeding my babies. Even when they seem allergic to my milk! I change my diet and tweak what I eat until the elixir God designed for my babies is just what they need. Even if it means giving up chocolate and milk in my diet…
Result: Healthy babies and a whole lot of fulfillment!

3. I believe in parent-directed feeding. It’s a child’s first lesson in the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Studies show that a full, regularly spaced meal is better for a baby than ‘snacking’ whenever they fuss.
Result: Chubby, happy babies who sleep through the night!

4. I thrive on schedules and routine. I schedule computer time, my children’s naps, daily, weekly, and monthly chores and outings. I plan menus, blog posts, and projects sometimes a month out, and I make lists for everything.
Result: Peace and stability in our home, which, ironically, creates a foundation for spontaneity. Productivity and time for the things that are truly important to me.

5. I believe Biblical Womanhood. I believe my place of blessing and fulfillment is in submission and honoring my God given authority, my husband. I reject feminism in all forms.
Result: More satisfaction and joy in my role than I ever imagined.

6. We do not immunize our children. This is one area in which, though I believe very strongly, I’m unable at this time to give an articulate explanation of my stand. I’m committed to going back over the research I have read on this and giving you my reasons in a future post.
Result: My children have never had to suffer the pain and fear of vaccinations, vaccinosis, or other vaccine reactions. In fact, they are rarely sick at all. Hmm – wonder if that’s coincidence?

7. I believe in authenticity and unconditional love in relationships. The people in my life with whom I can be myself are the dearest relationships, and it is my goal to both surround myself with, and to BE a person who loves as Christ loves us.
Result: I often taste of the blessed fellowship, support, and joy that God designed to happen between His children.

8. We believe in spacing our children. Studies and my own personal experience are showing that it essential for the health of the mother and her children to have time between pregnancies for the mother’s body to ‘recharge’ so that she can impart to each little life in her womb everything it needs for optimum health.
Result: the ability to enjoy each of my children as the Lord gives them to me and not feel they are a burden I cannot handle. Children with strong immune systems.

9. I believe I am on this earth to glorify God. I have a personal relationship with Christ, having trusted Him as my savior. I try to live my life in accordance with His word and what the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart.
Result: Focusing on this always helps my perspective and brings me peace.

10. I believe that prayer to the One True God, Jesus Christ, works.  Every time.
Result: I have a hope that extends beyond this temporal world, and many opportunities to see God’s power at work. Just yesterday, in fact, I cried out to God in a moment of weakness, and He delivered me. Tell you about that soon!

11. I believe true fulfillment comes from seeking God’s best for my life.  I had an epiphany regarding this during my first year of motherhood, and hope to share the story with you soon.
Result: I am fulfilled and content with my life.
12. I believe natural, homebirth is the best thing for me and my family. Pregnancy is not a disease, and Labor is not an emergency – it was designed by God and I believe the home is the ideal place to experience this miracle. I am not against doctors – I simply choose to reserve their involvement for emergencies.  Result: Peace and Security during labor, actually enjoying the delivery of my children. Priceless memories as we have celebrated the arrival of each child.

So, that’s my list. What’s yours? Are you living intentionally? Are your choices based on what you feel is God’s best for you and your family? 

I sincerely hope so.


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  1. smoore2213 Avatar

    Measles were actually one of the biggest reasons we did decide to vaccinate. In the last year, my husband and I have been exposed to measles a combined 5 times. Twice was when I was pregnant.
    I was very thankful that my parents decided to vaccinate, though if they hadn't, it would have been required before I went to college.

    I considered home birthing, but my husband wasn't interested in it. He's seen too many go bad, I think. I had an elective caesarean, though, and loved it. There are no hospitals close enough to us that will do VBACs, so the birth question has now been permanently decided for us.
    Some of those diseases really are still out there.

  2. Natalie_S Avatar

    Be interested to hear more about the vaccine question – I've wondered particularly about the impact of measles if (for instance) your child contracts measles while you (the mom) are pregnant. I don't consider this a terribly unlikely consideration since much of our population doesn't have a natural immunity to measles. Since measles can be lethal to unborn children I've wondered how a non-vaccinating (or carefully vaccinating) person negotiates the possible risks.

  3. Trina Avatar

    wow, there's such great discussion going on here! I am committed to addressing these topics in future posts so I can do each of them justice. Oh, and I forgot another biggy for me – #12 – Homebirth!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ To be continued…

  4. Kateri Avatar

    On spacing children. I am 100% for that…it is part of responsible parenting and helps keep mom healthy. I am a big proponent of natural family planning–both for moral and health reasons. I used it the first year we were married because I wanted to work a year full time before I had children, so that I would still be able to work at least part time after having children. I'm acuatally using it now because I am on some nasty medications for chronic toxoplasmosis. I am hoping that once that is treated (it could take up to two years), I can then use NFP to hopefully become pregnant. NFP done correctly is a win-win situation, both it promotes communication between spouses, doesn't affect the heath of the mother, will never result in the death of a tiny newly formed life, and can be used to both space births and to help acheive pregnacy.

  5. smoore2213 Avatar

    It would be interesting if you took each item further into a blog post. Not vaccinating fascinates me. We very seriously considered not vaccinating Josh, but because are sometimes exposed to comunicable diseases(measles and whooping cough) because they are still prevalant in the non-vaccing population we have around here(Amish and Mennonites mostly), we didn't want to accidentally bring something home that he could be vaccinated against. We also knew that he would attend day care and public school at some point in his life, and they will not accept a child who is not up to date on vaccinations. The main reason, also, is that there is really just no solid scientific research that shows that vaccinations are harmful.

    Biblical womanhood…wow. Do you realize I had never really heard of the concept of submitting to ones' husband until I was married? Imagine the surprise of my husband who grew up in a very traditional setting and retains much of the beliefs. We DON'T practice this and I don't find it biblical. I do not accept my husband has having authority over me, and we have a very happy, fulfilling marriage. I am very much a feminist, and my husband is completely not. Occasionally, though, this issue rears its head in our marriage, so I attempt to study and read about it so that I can understand where his belief system lies.

    Spacing children–we don't believe in any form of birth control. The caveat here is that since I cannot become pregnant naturally, I don't know what we would really believe if I became pregnant once a year. I suspct we would look into alternate, natural forms of spacing.

    I look forward to reading more!

  6. Trina Avatar

    Traci – yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to get to – down the the basics of what God wants for me.

    Kateri, I look forward to discussing stuff with you further, either here or in person.

    Janet, thank you so much for connecting with me here! I would love to visit your blog, if only to say hello. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for the information in your comment – I look forward to looking into it and passing on what I glean in a future post. (seems to me I have seen some of that dvd series on youtube, maybe?)

    Thanks, Duck!<3

    Thanks everybody for your feedback. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm really enjoying the discussion and feedback we've had here lately.

  7. Miki Avatar

    Trina, I really love the way you framed this post: Here's some stuff I believe and here's why I believe it… and now enough about me, let's hear your thoughts!
    It can be hard to broach difficult or potentially contentious topics without seeming confrontational, but girl, I think you hit a really nice balance. Now I'll have to think about some things that are “working for me” and come back later to share 'em! โ˜บ

  8. DUCK Avatar

    I like your post Treen!

  9. Penn and Janet Avatar

    Hello Trina,

    First off, I have commented on your blog before, but feel bad that you really don't “know” who I am. My blog is private because it is mostly full of pictures of our children for family across the country to see. I am willing to share it with you, if you are interested. I can send an invite to the email address here on your blog. But be warned it's main purpose is to share pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyways, we are so much alike in our beliefs I just had to comment! When we were pregnant with our first (6 years ago) we studied out the whole vaccination issue and decided not to. There is an excellent DVD out there by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny called “Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices” She is presenting fact and many documents from the CDC and other government offices about vaccines. Even proof that many diseases were already on their way out before the vaccine was made.

    Like yours, my kids are hardly sick. Thank the Lord they have never even had an ear infection! This DVD even says there are some childhood vaccines that have the KNOWN side effect of getting an ear infection.

    Hope you have a blessed weekend!

  10. Kateri Avatar

    Lots of food for thought. I suppose what we focus on has a lot to do with where we are in our lives right now. Right now my husband and I are putting a lot of thought into how we are to steward the piece of land God has given us. (We are seriously considering a land trust to perserve it as a nature area.)
    On a personal level I am wrestling with the idea of infertility and what that may mean long term. Though my husband and I do not belive in complimentarianism in marriage, how I can honor him and care for him has been on my mind a lot lately. (I am very blessed to have a husband who loves and cherishes me in even my worst moments. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I'd love to have to have a conversation with you on vaccinations. I have come to the conclusion that if I do have children, I will probably vaccinate, but my first instinct is not to. I DO NOT get the flu shot, even though as a nurse there is a lot of pressure to do so and it is offered to me free every year. Thankfully both my Primary care physcian and the MD I am seeing for chronic fatigue back me up on that.

  11. Traci Avatar

    It's always best to rethink the 'why's' behind our actions. I've been journaling a lot on how much of my wife-ing/mothering I do because I think I should, rather than consult my husband on what would please him. Too much of it is of me and not of him or the Lord's directive I'm afraid. I need to start checking my own agenda at the door.

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