How I’m Learning To Be a Better Bogger and Why You Should, Too

I’ve been on a ‘how to blog better’ kick for a couple months now, and this whole thing with my desktop dying every time I try to upload a photo (yes, it’s the actual photo posting that makes it faint dead away!) has me really focusing on the words I put here on the blog. Why I write. What I write. And how to write it better. (And I’m doing all this for you – ain’t I sweet?).

I’ve been amazed at the quality information out there (much of it free, so don’t buy the first e-book you find) to developed and improve your blogging.
I’ve been challenged to manage my computer time better, and given strategies for doing so. I’ve been taught how to craft an easily-scannable post, and why. I’ve been told ‘the secrets’ to popular blogs, and how to become one yourself. I’ve been encourage to find my writing voice, to map out why I blog, and to blog intentionally.

Maybe your blog is just a hobby, a place you hang out, where you post photos of your family for your family and all that. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that – that’s what my blog was for a long time – but I have come to want my blog to be more that just virtual cork-board to collect stuff I like online. I’ve caught the vision that my blog could be a platform to help me change the world.

I’m inspired by women like Lindsay and Stephanie who are using their blogs to minister to and instruct other women. Women like Dianne and Traci, whose blog posts so often glorify God rather than themselves. I want to be like my friend Katie, who is using her blog to passionately share what God has taught her, to help others live out their identity in Christ.

My goal in this post is two-fold:

  1. To challenge you to consider – has God give you an audience through your blog, and does He have something He wants to say through you?
  2. To ffer a list of resources that have helped me as I study to steward the platform God has given me on my blog. 

So, here comes the links –

Copy Blogger – you’ll be amazed at the quality content on crafting a better blog post, how to write a great post titles, and getting past writer’s block.

AmyLynnAndrews – is teaching me so much about managing my computer time and maximizing the tools and opportunities I’ve found online. What I love about her is that she is *just* a pastor’s wife and stay at home mom, and she has turned her online knowledge into a successful blog and ministry. Oh, and her e-book IS one that I recommend, ’cause it’s short, cheap, and packs a real punch. (see sidebar, ‘Tell Your Time’)

When I first read Amy’s e-book, she taught me how to manage my computer time and since then I have been regularly setting aside a part of my online time toward ‘continuing education’. I usually read one or two articles a day, and bookmark good resources so I can follow up at a later time.

Tips for Better Blog Writing. Great article, helped me become aware of the little things you can do in a post that make big difference.

Metropolitan Mama – I’ve only just discovered this awesome blog and I know I have a lot to learn from this ‘queen of mommy bloggers’.

My goal is to be a good steward of all that God has given me, including my internet connection, computer, and my wonderful blog friends. I hope you have been challenged and encouraged to do the same.

Please share with me the sites you have found to be most informative and challenging in our blogging journey! Who inspires you? Do you have some great blogging or time management tips?

7 responses to “How I’m Learning To Be a Better Bogger and Why You Should, Too”

  1. Ann Avatar

    This was such a timely blog post for me to read. I am just getting started blogging and I am learning how to advertise and hopefully make money at some point in the future. Thank you for the great links, I can't wait to check them out.

  2. NotUnredeemed Avatar

    Thanks girl! And thanks for linking me. I can't wait to read on how to blog better – I know I need a lot of help. Thanks for your constant encouragement! You're the best! love you! <3

  3. Miki Avatar

    Trina.. I would LOVE to go to Relevant together! Seriously, I would… let's talk about this more, ok?

  4. Traci Avatar

    Awww… you linked me! So funny that you post this because I just re-evaluated today about whether my blogging was worth it, especially after I stopped persuing growth and increase of readers with it… but came to the conclusion that it's okay to blog on my time and terms right now.. and that the Lord will send that one person who might need to read something I wrote. And He can get her there without my recruiting or advertising. Definitely checking out these links though!

  5. Trina Avatar

    Dianne, I look forward to sharing some information on how I got started monetizing. I have started to make a little bit (ok, I've gotten one check so far!)and have come to believe that monetizing is part of being a good steward of my online time.

    I really was inspired by your transparency on your blog – thank you for being an example to me of using your blog to glorify God.

    Oh! I had the same little sneaking little thought just the other day, as well…Relevant is not that far away – Hey! Let's go together!!!!

    Kateri, I know what you mean – monetizing and blog improving takes energy! It's taking a lot of time and work to get the blog more solidly on the course I envision for it, but, again, I feel it as a responsibility, to my readers and to God, to make this little site as quality as possible.

    I hope you feel better soon!And I you know I love your photography!

  6. Kateri Avatar

    I've bookmarked Amy's site to explore later. My husband is always telling me I should how to make money blogging. I'm not sure I have what it takes to do that, but it will be interesting to read about. My blog has turned into a place to share my photos, which isn't what it started out to be, but it seems most of my loyal readers are other nature photographers. I sometimes think about doing more with my blog, but don't have the energy to right now for that. I hope that as my energy level improves that will be something I do. It is amazing how much mental energy it takes to write something creative.

    Thanks for the links and looking forward to watching/reading your blog as it evolves…

  7. Miki Avatar

    First of all, I am so honored that you linked to me Trina… I have to tell you that I clicked on the Dianne link and was surprised to see my own blog, lol. It was a really really nice surprise.. thanks♥

    As far as articles I've read and such, I've never really read anything. I keep meaning to- I've started reading some of those articles on how to “monetize” your blog and such, but I usually end up more confused than before I began. Yikes! I look forward to reading some of the articles you've linked to. They look like very productive reading.

    It's actually kind of funny/interesting that you posted about this today as I was thinking just today that it might be fun/interesting to go to one of those blogging conferences sometimes soon. I stumbled across the site for the Relevant conference and see that it will be held this year in Harrisburg, which is not an appalling distance away. At least not impossibly appalling. Anyhoo… we shall see ☺

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