Highlights of Creation Fest

I’m trying, people – I’m really trying. To get caught up on all I have planned and promised to blog about this summer. Thing is, I’m still on our tiny little laptop and I really work better from the desktop. Good news is, my husband got a new, um, something (cottage, tipi – tower?) and it may be up and running again soon. Meanwhile I’m still trying to post photos, though it’s really tricky for me with out my favorite photo organizing software (Picassa) and the memory the desktop has. But, here’s a few photos of Camping at Creation Fest.

It really is crazy. Camping in the middle of a big field with thousands of other people, hauling yourself and your children and your gear over hills and down dusty paths to concerts at all hours of the day and night. I kept asking myself what I was doing there, until we actually stood on our tarp in the middle of a field with 80 thousand other people worshiping our God together. Until moments like this…

Seth rocking it out with a “Let God Work” tattoo a mowhawk.

The pool Traci brought was a life saver. Claire loved ‘Wimming’ in the pool and fishing for silly bands. We got the silly bands from some kids who came by our campsite playing “Bigger or Better” – they were trading stuff for something you didn’t want – we gave them some old sodas we didn’t want and they were ecstatic. LOL

After we put the pool up and the kids had all got wet, Traci heard her daughter, who is a little older than Claire, giggling to herself in the corner of the tent. “Claire doesn’t know how to say, ‘Kimming’ so she says, ‘Wimming!” She didn’t realize her own pronunciation of ‘Swimming’ wasn’t any clearer!

We took the kids to ‘Slugs and Bugs’ and ‘The Donut Man’ during the day. 

Hanging out in the kids tent. It was hot. We just packed lots of water and cold apples for snacks.

The food was excellent. Here we have grilled corn on the cob.

And here was fresh made soft-serve icecream, thanks to Traci’s ingenuity (she did it with two ziploc bags with ice and salt between the layers – just sat there and shook it and it actually worked!) It was soooo good.

We packed real food and cooked it from scratch for the entire trip – you can check out my post on Passionate Homemaking today for taking real food on your next road trip!

Then there was the actual concerts on the main stage. My favorite part? Louie Giglio on The Creator of the Universe – The Star Breather – and how all Creation sings His Praise. You can see a similar presentation he did at a Chris Tomlin Concert this spring on youtube. I only wish you all could have seen and experienced it live – I will never forget the experience of joining the stars and whales in singing praise to our Creator.

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  1. Trina Avatar

    Heidi – delighted to have you stop by! I would love to meet you IRL – let's connect! trintjerenae@gmail.com

  2. Heidi Avatar

    Trina, I always loved going to Creation Fest…looks like it hasn't changed too much. I know this is an older post but I am trying to get caught up! We live near Canandaigua, NY and I always love to read blogs from people 'in our area'.

  3. Erin Avatar

    Looks like you all made some great memories, Trina. 🙂 Welcome back!

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