Grace for Simple Days

Yes, I have a recliner in my kitchen. I highly recommend this – even if you don’t think you have the room. LOL

Our days are simple this month. Simply wonderful. Simply sleepy. Simply the basics. Yesterday I wrote in my journal:

“Got my kitchen clean.
Did Laundry.
Made dinner.
Kept 3 kids alive, learning, and loved.
This is my masterpiece –
What should, must, and DOES give me joy and fullfillment.”

I thank God often for teaching me that it is not only ‘O.K’ to have simple days in which all I accomplish is the basics of caring for young children – He has taught me that it is absolutely the highest calling and most worthy accomplishment. So many women (including myself) do not realize this, and go into the childbearing years believing the feminist lie that there is something beyond mothering that they should be doing and that they won’t be fulfilled unless they find that thing. This is a recipe for discouragement, depression, and a constant feelings of inadequacy and failure.For me it was trying to find time, as a mother of a one year old, to sew and craft and write and do all those other things I felt God had gifted me to do. I only had peace when, through the Word and some wise teachings that I realized the truth…that raising my children should be my #1 priority, and that it is a woman’s highest calling, and can be the thing that brings one the most fulfillment, when viewed through God’s eyes.

And so I thank God for simple days.

If you are struggling with the balancing act of motherhood, and trying to find fulfillment when your days seemed filled with repetitive, mundane tasks like changing diapers and washing endless loads of dishes, you may find encouragement, as I did, in this wonderful book, Passionate Housewives Desperate for God. It would also make a great bridal shower gift for a young wife-to-be, and I believe should be required reading for any woman who hopes to be or is a mother!

10 responses to “Grace for Simple Days”

  1. Cynthia Avatar

    You are blessed, and I'm so glad you are savoring this time with your little ones! 🙂

  2. Trina Avatar

    Mira – thanks for the the heads-up!

    Jessica – great insights. It's neat to hear I'm not the only one who has been working through this.

    HumbleLab – I fixed the link – sorry it wasn't more clear!

  3. mira Avatar

    (should have added: tute was for the cami)

  4. mira Avatar

    hey- completely wrong place to mention this, but I noticed your tute while browsing the internet for something completely different and thought you'd be tickled to know about it. See here:

  5. Jessica Avatar

    There is something to be said for simplicity. So much of our lives we strive to be everything, to do everything, that we forget that in simplicity we find happiness and ultimately God's plan for our lives: That in embracing what we are doing and embracing God's plan, our own desires (such as the time for our own crafts/hobbies/skills) which conflicted with our God-given callings reconcile themselves…and we find happiness and peace.

    Wonderful post and I think I'm going to order that book from and perhaps a copy for my SIL as well.

  6. Miki Avatar

    Just an excellent post, Trina. Excellent♥

  7. humblelabor Avatar

    I meant my tired new-mama-brain–not yours, oh dear…there it goes again! I'm a new, first-time mama wanting to reference the book you recommended.

  8. humblelabor Avatar

    I enjoyed this post very much. Congratulations on the arrival of Seth!

    What is the book you recommend? I don't see the title in your post (tired new-mama-brain, perhaps?).

  9. April Avatar

    Wow, this is one of my favorite posts of yours! My busy looks different from your busy, but I long for the grace for simple days just the same.

  10. Natalie_S Avatar

    Ah yes, I remember when my mom used to rock three kids to sleep at night at the same time. Looks like you've definitely got the knack!

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