Good Morning, Brother!

Often we start the day with a cheerful wake-up call from Sister.

If you could just hear the giggles – from Sister and whoever is under the covers…

“I did it, Mom!”

Brother is awake.
“My job here is done…hmm, what do we have here that I can play with?”

4 responses to “Good Morning, Brother!”

  1. Kateri Avatar

    These are so cute. Claire is getting big. =)

  2. Karen Avatar

    I showed these to Vivi and she went “Eshie” when she seen Jessie.And then said “air ” when she seen She thought these were humerous as she likes to do the same thing so she can relate ! lol

  3. Abbey Avatar

    These pictures are SO CUTE! I'm sure Jesse loves having his sister wake him up!:)

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