We all have mountains in our lives, right? Things too big for us to move, that we have to trust God about. This is my personal story of how God moved one of the biggest mountains in my life. Here’s all the posts (so far!) in this cliff-hanging serial…

  1. In which I introduce the Mountain
  2. Here comes the airplane…zooming in quite low!
  3. The Episode with Chickens and a Dollhouse…two hundred chickens
  4. The First Time I Set Eyes on Him…I overlooked him
  5. 6 Years of Singleness…and why it was a good thing
  6. Some Romantic Action…finally
  7. In which we get (re)acquainted with the Quiet Man
  8. The first time I say “Yes”
  9. My debut as Humpty Dumpty
  10. Our triple-decker, Aussie-style, not-so-blind first date.






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