Of God, Mountains, and How I Met My Husband

This is a great story. Full of random details that I (somehow) string together to create a tale. It’s got airplanes, chickens, a dollhouse, and some black hair dye.

OK, a lot of black hair dye.

Infact, too much black hair dye.

Alright, enough fan fare.

The reason I share this story is ’cause some of you may have a mountain in your life – an obstacle you can’t see around. Maybe it’s a handicap, maybe it’s something broken that can’t seem to be fixed, maybe it’s a dream that can’t seem to be fulfilled. Or a need that’s overwhelming.

I know what that’s like. And I know a God who moves mountains.  This story is to remind you that we have a God who moves mountains – sometimes in the most mysterious ways, and sometimes pebble by pebble.

When I was 13 my family moved from the suburbs of Raleigh, NC to the foothills of Central NY to live in a tipi in the middle of 200 acres of woods and meadows. Driven by their desire for a more family-oriented lifestyle, my parents made the decision for my dad to leave his job and see if we could ‘live off the land’.

This was a great time in my life – a real adventure! But as you can imagine, our ‘social life’ suffered a bit. We left a lot of wonderful friends back in NC, and we worked long hours on the homestead, leaving little time for socializing. We did form some great friendships with the small group of families we met with for worship and fellowship on Sundays, but it was a small group. We homechurched, homeschooled, homesteaded, and ran a homebusiness. All good things.


I didn’t get out much.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not at all resentful about those years – as I said, they were a wonderful adventure and I have lots of great memories. I’m just trying to set the stage here. To introduce you to…The Mountain.

The Mountain of  “How in the World will I EVER find a Husband”? (also known as the Peak of “How will he EVER find Me?”)

Thankfully, I didn’t worry about this too much when I was 13. I was having too much fun climbing trees, growing my first garden, and learning how to spin wool into yarn. But in looking back, I realize what a miracle it was that I ever met any eligible young men, and that my husband ever found me. That’s the mountain I wanted to point out to you.

Now I’ll tell you how God moved it.

Are you ready? Here comes the airplane.

Zooming in quite low, actually.

To be continued…Read Part Second Here

10 responses to “Of God, Mountains, and How I Met My Husband”

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  2. Trina Avatar

    I'm fascinated by your tipi story!!! I would love to swap stories and learn more about your journey. Do you have a blog? Or would you email me so we can chat? my email is trintjerenae(@)gmail(dot)com
    thanks for stopping by!

  3. Carolyn Avatar

    My hubby & I did a similar thing. We moved to 20 acres in the Rocky Mountains at 8200 ft to live in a tipi. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. And my then young teen daughter had similar thoughts about finding a hubby and learning how to use gas & electric appliances. She has since married a wonderful man and has learned how to use “modern” appliances. We gave them a beautiful wedding down by the creek. God does work in ways we don't always see until looking back.

  4. That corgi :) Avatar

    First time visiting/commenting on your blog; I am so much interested in hearing the rest of this story and how God worked in you meeting the man you would marry. What an interesting growing up you had in such an enviroment as you did!

    added myself as a follower to your blog to find out the rest of the story


  5. Kateri Avatar

    Has all the elements of a good story for sure. Looking forward to reading it.

  6. DelightinginHim Avatar

    I am really looking forward to reading the rest. I need a mountain moved too….I do have a small social life but don't “get out much” in the words of others. And know absolutely no-one eligible for me. ha.

  7. Trina Avatar

    Jess – that is hilarious. I love that you were concerned for me! LOL You weren't the only one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. ~Jess Avatar

    I remember thinking this for you: I may even have asked my mom how that was going to work out ๐Ÿ™‚

    I know that when we got your's and Jeremy's wedding invitation I asked my mom “is it arranged?” because I was just thinking, “how did they meet?”

    Our Lord does wondrous work!

    (and I completely mean this in an entirely funny way. I knew how secluded you guys were….never thought about a plane though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Miki Avatar


    I didn't get out much.”

    hehehe…. this is such a cute story:)

  10. Belle Avatar

    I admire your parents so much for what they did. I think all children should be raised this way; as close to nature as possible and under the wings of their parents. I love that God found you a husband there; nothing is too hard for him!

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