Getting Intentional About Community {And an Invitation for You!}


One Monday a month, I rush to get dinner ready by 5pm, and as soon as my husband gets in the door from work, I grab my purse and a plate full of dinner, kiss my babies, and head out the door. I drive 45 min. to my dear friend and mentor September’s house and to spend the evening with a group of ladies, talking, praying, and fellowshipping together. We’ve been reading through Sally Clarkson’s book, “The Ministry of Motherhood”, discussing a few chapters each time we meet, and I always come away inspired, equipped, and more passionate about my role as a mom. It’s a long drive, and a late night for me, but it’s worth it, because I need community.

Every other Wednesday morning, I pile my kids in the car and we drive 5 min. (woot!) to the home of a friend from our Church. We join 8-10 other moms, their several dozen children, and a few dads who come along to watch the kids, and we enjoy 2 hours of good, deep fellowship, building friendships and community with other local moms. We’ve been working our way through the awesome book from Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson, “Desperate”, and in the months since we started the study, we have truly bonded, found community, and feel just a little bit less desperate in this challenging season of young mommy-hood. We make the effort to do this twice a month because mommies need community.

This Saturday, thousands of women from all over the world will meet together in homes and churches to fellowship and enjoy the awesome content the women from put together each year in the form of short, inspiring videos. This year the theme is “The Challenge to Stay in Community” and we’ll be exploring why community is hard, why it’s worth it, and how women have worked through the challenges of embracing community. Women all over (including myself!) will be adjusting wires to connect to the webcast, making yummy food, and decorating for this fun girl’s weekend that doesn’t require traveling, but instead comes right to our town. We’re hosting our own, or driving to a friend’s meet up, because we know we all need community.


I didn’t used to know what if felt like to rest in the warm hug and helping hands of community, but since I became intentional about community, my life has become richer, deeper, and more joy-filled. If you’re  feeling alone, I’d encourage you to take a step this week to find or build a community you can be a part of. It doesn’t take much. A few ladies willing to make the effort to meet in each other’s homes for coffee or a book study. A phone call to a friend while you both fold laundry, sharing what’s on your heart and praying for each other. Or, checking out and finding a meet up this Saturday that’s within driving distance for you!

Community rarely happens by accident. We must be intentional–reaching out, grabbing on, and holding tight. (<–Tweet that!)

It’s totally worth the effort.


(some of the decorations I’m preparing for my InRL party this weekend!)

Resources for Getting Intentional About Community:

  • The book “Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe” is set up to make a great book study, with discussion questions and links to online resources. This is a book any mom could relate to, with practical inspiration on every page. The ebook version of “Desperate” is on sale today for just $3.99! (Also? There’s a whole bunch of giveaways celebrating this sale over at Sarah Mae’s today!)
  • The Desperate DVD Companion Study comes out today! I received an early copy of the DVD and have been using it to help lead the discussion with our little mom’s group on Wednesdays. It’s such a treat–like having Sally and Sarah sitting right in the living room with us! Short videos introduce the chapter’s topic, share stories and stuff that’s bonus to what’s in the book, and allow someone else to do the talking if you want to start a group but you’re too shy to do all the talking! 😉 You can get the DVD here, or you can get it free when you purchase 5 copies of the paperback version of the book (This is what I did with an earlier sale! All set for my group study!) You just take a picture or scan your receipt and send it to:
  • You can also get a mom’s small group guide to help you start a ‘Desperate’ group here. (I used this and it’s great!)
  • Go to and find a meet up near you!  And if you’re within driving distance of the Fingerlakes in Upstate NY, consider this your official invitation to come to my house on Saturday! My party is from 9am to 3pm, you’re welcome to pop in any time! Lunch will be served (and it’s gonna be amazing!). Contact me for more info.

What do your efforts toward community look like? Do you feel like you have good community, or do you feel the lack of it? Are you coming to my part???? 😉

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  1. Sandra at Thistle Co Avatar

    Kudos and God bless you all for being intentional about being wives and mothers. It’s a frosty ole world and the evil one would have us all believe we’re in it alone. Not so! For my part, I’m coordinating a Ramsey FPU weekly class April – May. I’ve tried to get a Bible study started and was told, “we’re so busy doing ___, we don’t have time for that.” So be it. Now my time is being spent finishing my book and preparing the house/farm to be sold so I can move 300 miles to be near family. There are seasons of life and this is my season to prepare and wait.
    God bless you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

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