Embracing Beauty Success Stories

I’m doing the weekly round up of Embracing Beauty Inspiration today because I’ll be busy hosting my InRL party on Saturday! Enjoy all the deliciousness!


Ya’ll, aren’t these ladies adorable? These gals are both friends of mine from Church (they’re some of the gals I’ve been meeting with to read “Desperate” together). They each have 5 kids and homeschool them all! They read my book the week it came out, and promptly planned a thrift shopping expedition. Together. With their combined 10 children. Then they showed up to Church in their adorable, tunic-based outfits. I was so proud of them! They were so cute, I couldn’t not snap a photo of them, and got their permission to share it with you!

They said they were so inspired by the hints to embrace beauty NOW, in the middle of their motherhood, and said the book gave them permission to make beauty a priority again. And it’s brought joy to them (can’t you tell?), to their children (who, it is reported, loved the thrift shopping expedition), and–to their husbands!

How cool is that?


And this is me and the girlfriend I went thrift shopping with a couple weeks ago (I mentioned our adventure in last week’s Embracing Beauty Link Up). She was totally rocking her scarf the day I saw her at mom group, and I loved her outfit so much! She said she’s had so much fun with the clothes we got, and her husband loves her new look, too.

I’m so blessed by all the stories of increased joy and hope as you all have embraced beauty in whatever season you’re in! It’s not too late to share these stories in the Link up, as I’m going to let it run for two weeks. Head over there to share and receive some great inspiration!

Also? There’s 3 copies of Embracing Beauty being given away this week! Find them here…

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thrift shopping with kids

Have a lovely, beauty-filled, week! Remember, you’re gorgeous, and a smile is the best accessory!

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