Garlic in the Ground

 On one of the last warm days of October, Jesse and I planted my garlic in  the plot of dirt I had tilled by hand for this purpose.

 I was so excited to teach Jesse how to plant garlic ’cause it’s such a simple, enjoyable fall task in my book.

We used a little stick to space the garlic cloves evenly, and I taught him which side was up.

Apparently, helping mommy with a fun new job was not on his agenda that day. I had to encourage, plead, threaten and – I’ll stop there. We planted one row together and then I let him go then do whatever it was that he found so much more exciting than helping mommy.

 I did, however, get a couple photos out of the session that made it look like we were idyllicly making a memory while we planted garlic together. The above shot is what made me run into the house for my camera.

I love his little piggies. I sometimes threaten to eat them. With ketchup. And a fork. And he squeals.

This is what he found to do that was so much more important and fun than helping mamma. Here’s the wind-up…

…And the dig. He was very manly about it and I got a kick out of watching him while a planted 6 more rows of garlic. By myself.

Maybe next year he will think it is fun. He better, ’cause we’re planting twice as much next year.

3 responses to “Garlic in the Ground”

  1. Ca the Schlosser Avatar
    Ca the Schlosser

    Your son is so adorable.

    1. Trina Avatar

      aw, thanks, Cathe! He’s 8 now, but I love that we have this memory!

  2. Kateri Avatar

    He looks like he is having fun anyway. And I love the feet photos. Makes me wish I had a little one to photograph. Growing garlic is one of my very favorite things. In the years past I have only grown what my parents grew on the homestead, but this year I got four heirloom varieties from some friends who just started a garlic farm.

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