A list of randomness collected from a long week…

1.The theology lessons during worship continue. Last Sunday we sang the chorus,

Better is one day in your courts, 
Better is one day in your house,
Better is one day in your courts,
Than thousands elsewhere.

Jesse looked at me funny and asked, “Better is one day in your Horse?!”
“No, ‘courts’” I repeated. “It’s where God lives.”
Oh. Me like Horse better!

What is Claire shaking?

2. I finally got a chance to go shopping for jeans. I was rather appalled to find that I was not a 14. At least, not in the thrift store I was at. So, I tried another thrift store. Here I found two 14’s that will have to do for me until I fit into my old 12’s. Anything to get out of my maternity jeans. I keep telling myself this is a season.

3. Tim Hawkins makes me laugh. I needed to laugh this weekend. I watched Tim Hawkins’ DVD “I’m no Rockstar”. He did his song, “Delilah, the Samson version” live. I love this song. I have a friend who does a pretty good interpretation of Tim’s performance, and I should apologize for how many times I’ve asked him to sing it for me. Give yourself a laugh – watch this.

4. I had a wedding nightmare the other night. These are the dreams I have whenever I am helping someone plan their wedding. It’s not the bride’s fault, dear things. I like to think I’m having the nightmares for them so they can enjoy this season. This one was weird ’cause my subconscious was recycling brides. It was Rachel’s wedding again, and it was an hour before the ceremony and I realized I’d forgotten to pick up the flowers. They were 45 min. away and I hadn’t even started arranging them yet! Talk about a nightmare. I started scurrying around, gathering fall leaves to make roses out of them, like this. Rachel was so sweet – she was totally ok with carrying dead leaves instead of roses down the aisle. The question was, would I get them done in time?

5. Claire loves to identify laundry. She always identifies each piece as she pulls it off the drying rack when she helps with our laundry system. Just now she brought me a pair of jeans she found lying somewhere and said, “Daddy! Daddy”. No, pumpkin. Those are mommy’s jeans – see? They have an elastic waist.

6. “No. Claire! Don’t put the trash can on your head!”

Ahh, yes – the salt shaker. One of her favorite past times.

7. This is a season. 3 children, 4 years and under. Sometimes 3 dirty diapers on an hour. Sometimes getting woke up every 15 min. for the last 2 hours of early morning slumber time. Sometimes feeling cooped up at home and missing opportunities ’cause it’s too much trouble to haul 3 children around. It’s a season. One for which I am grateful for every moment. But sometimes it’s hard. That’s when I appreciate the fellowship of other young mothers. This post by my new friend, Sara, really helped my perspective this week.

8. We’ve been sick this week. A few have runny noses, a few have sore throats. Even Seth has a little snuffle going on, despite the immune-boosting elixir I feed him ever 3 hours. Just goes to show you that no matter how healthy you try to eat, and how well you take care of yourself, you still get sick sometimes. It’s part of your immune system ‘inoculating’ your body against all the germs you’re exposed to on a daily basis. So, we’re taking it easy – trying to get as much sleep as possible when you have three young children. We’re eating a lot of kefir, taking cayenne pepper and garlic, echinacea tincture, soup with homemade chicken stock,  and I’ve been trying to use my neti pot to flush my sinuses. But I usually do that over the kitchen sink, and it’s taken me three days to get all the dishes done and the sink empty enough to use it for a neti pot session. TMI, I know, but I also knew you all would want to know what we did when we get sick. That’s basically it – rest and continue to eat nourishing foods.

C’mere you little rascal…

9. I think one of the highlights of my week was teaching my sewing girls how to make the “Cover Me Pretty Cami”. It delights me every time how easy they are to put together, and I’m delighted by my students – they are a pleasure to teach.

10. Time to go check on Claire again.☺ Forgive the randomness. It’s a collection of thoughts I gathered and typed throughout the week, as I had little time to blog in the traditional manner. Have a great weekend!

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