Embracing Beauty Book Tour, Weekend Roundup

We had another wonderful week hearing how the book was impacting women of all ages and seasons of life, bringing renewed vision and inspiration for embracing beauty! It’s truly been a privileged to be a part of whispering God’s message to women: “You are beautiful because I made you, and I want you to experience joy and freedom in this and every area of your life!”

“Why Beauty Should Stay on Your To-Do List”
a guest post on ThePurposefulWife.com

 “My life is an every-day whirlwind between 3 children, a diligent husband that works an ever-changing schedule, and not a small amount of traveling for the family business. Sometime in the chaos last year, I gave up on beauty. I thought I could live without it, so I let it slip off the to-do list.”… read the rest of my post here.


Rachel also reviewed the book and is giving away a copy so hop over there if you don’t have yours yet!

Lisa on pray4lilly.blogspot.com

Lisa is a reader I’ve really connected with, despite living in different states. She grabbed a paperback copy of my book the day it released and read it last week. I was delighted to hear what the book meant to her…

“I believe that God cares about all the little details in our lives but honestly I had just never thought about it in relation to my clothing very much…I’ve read a number of fashion type books before, but this is the only one has ever seemed realistic to my life.”… read the rest here.

“No Longer Hiding” a guest post on ElizabethEsther.com

My friend Elizabeth and I each have very conservative roots, and have both had to come to a more balanced perspective on the role of adornment in our lives. I talked a bit about my journey from frump to joy in the area of personal style…

I used to wear a lot of neutrals and “quiet” colors. My outfits rarely made a statement, but rather did a good job of helping me fade into the background. Looking back I realize that this was because I was living in fear. Since the Lord has delivered me from the bondage of people-pleasing, and a warped understanding of the role of fashion, I’ve trended toward brighter colors and not-so-quiet style statements. This boldness stems from the joy I feel in the freedom Christ has given me. I’ve even been known to wear period costumes to events that are most certainly not costume parties (just ask Elizabeth!) …read more of the post here.

Allume Conference Smilebooth 0061-X2

Review and Giveaway at GretchenLouise.com

Embracing Beauty does more than just provide fashion and accessory tips that fit every body and budget. Trina Holden ignites a passion for becoming ambassadors of beauty in every area of our hearts and lives.”

Gretchen is hosting a giveaway of my book–hurry over there and enter because the giveaway closes this weekend!

Have yourself a wonderful and beauty-filled weekend, and don’t forget to take a picture of what you wear to church this Sunday, or what you find at the thrift store next week, so you’ll be ready to take part in our first fashion-related link up on the blog next Thursday!

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