Curtiss and Joanna’s Wedding Ceremony

The Flower Girl…

And her escort (Also her uncle! :))

Handing out roses to the end aisles.

On her father’s arm…

During the special music

Exchange of vows

Kelly and her Father’s duet of “I Will Be Here” was the loveliest wedding music I’ve ever heard.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss Archer

Havalah and Nathanael receding. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 responses to “Curtiss and Joanna’s Wedding Ceremony”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    Everything was soo beautiful!! Havalah and Nathanael made such a cute little couple!:)

  2. Amy Avatar

    The wedding looks so gorgeous!! I love Joanna’s taste!BTW, I tagged you and the girls!

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