Cowgirl Dirt: A Mineral Makeup Review

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Ya’ll, I’ve been having so much fun trying out a few natural makeup companies this summer, and I’m excited to share with you my latest find: Cowgirl Dirt Mineral Makeup.

Mineral Makeup

I think the trickiest part about switching to a natural makeup was that to get the good stuff (all natural, no yucky fillers or chemicals) you usually have to mail order, and that is just weird for something like makeup, which you really want to try on, before you buy, right?

Say hello to samples! Most companies I’ve looked into offer a sample pack–usually something like 10 try-me size samples of any of their products so you can find your shade of foundation or see what the product feels like or how it preforms. The practical side of me at first thought of samples as a possible waste of money–like, what if I don’t pick the right color, or don’t like it? Well, I took the plunge with Cowgirl Dirt and ordered a sample kit, and was pleasantly surprised.

First, because even the foundation samples that weren’t exactly my shade are still close enough that I’m able to use them up. And second, because I LOVED everything I got!

Cowgirl Dirt Mineral Makeup

Here’s what I tried and what I thought…

Powder Foundation

Mineral Foundation–where have you been all my life??? It first I looked at the powdery dust in the samples and was like, “how do I get this on my face?” But after watching a few YouTube videos and being willing to experiment and make a bit of a mess, I think I’ve got the hang of it. If you pick just a little bit up on your makeup brush, and ‘swirl’ it rather than brush it on like you’re painting, it goes on evenly and doesn’t poof everywhere.

Evenly. Did you catch that? My past experience with foundation has all been about trying to get a natural look with something that wants to smear and smudge and get too thick in spots. Mineral makeup is different. It’s true what they say about it being a lighter coverage–you can’t get too much on. And that’s to your advantage, because you can quickly swirl your whole face, and not have to go back and get rid of smudges or thick spots.

I tried 4 different powder foundation shades, and while they were all close enough that I’ll happily use all my samples, the Cremelo 4 was the best fit for me. It goes on smoothly, doesn’t smell like anything (what a relief) and makes my skin look peaceful.

Cowgirl Dirt concealer, cream foundation, and lipstick

{clockwise from bottom: lipstick, concealer, and cream foundation}

Cream Foundation

I also tried one of the cream foundations, and though I got the color wrong, it was still very nice. Goes on smooth and didn’t dry my face out or look greasy. I think I’ll stick with the powder foundation because it is so simple to apply.


I’m fond of concealer for the dark circles under my eyes. This went on smoothly and layered nicely under the powder foundation.


I’ve never been a lipstick gal. Partly because it gets in the way of kissing my babies, and then mostly because my lips hate all the junk in conventional lipstick–wearing it for special occasions inevitably results in the skin on my lips peeling for two days after. I’m not kidding. Do I have sensitive lips, or does lipstick bother your lips, too? I’m delighted to report that Cowgirl Dirt’s lipstick is so pure and natural, my lips loved it. I think I’ve converted. I tried the shade War Admiral and loved it.



{eye shadow samples–although that doesn’t look like a lot in that little container, I’ve used it three times and I’ll get at least three more uses out of that little container! A little goes a long way with mineral makeup!}

Eye Shadow

I appreciated that Cowgirl Dirt’s eye shadow samples come in sets of three colors–this gives me a much-needed hint to what goes together well. (You can also order them singly.) I got the Smokey Eyes and the Arena Sands and love them both. Smokey Eyes was my first successful experiment with getting the smoky eyed look. I was really impressed with how easy it goes on, and how well it stays all day. I mean, it’s just dirt–how is this  possible?

Smokey Eyes with Pure Mineral Makeup

In this photo I’m wearing Cowgirl Dirt Smokey Eyes Eyeshadow Trio, Cremelo 4 Powder Foundation, and the eye-liner, mascara, and mineral-based bronzer I told you about in this post.  

Overall, I was really pleased with Cowgirl Dirt’s products. The packaging was cute and easy to use, the product performed well, and the samples were generous. I will get 6-8 uses out of everything I ordered–and since I only wear makeup once or twice a week, this means I got several month’s worth of makeup! I checked out all there ingredients and they are as pure as the driven…dirt. 😉 If you’re interested in going natural with your makeup, check out Cowgirl Dirt.

{Cowgirl Dirt provided samples for this post free of charge, but the opinionated opinions are entirely my own.}


11 responses to “Cowgirl Dirt: A Mineral Makeup Review”

  1. Sherry Avatar

    Thanks Trina,

    I just ordered several samples.. So tired of liquid make up! Love your blog.

    1. Trina Avatar

      Sherry–hooray! I hope you enjoy your samples as much as I did mine! 😉

  2. Katrina Avatar

    I just ordered my trial sizes. Thanks for letting me know about such a great company. It’s hard to find gluten free, clean make up. I just ran out of what I was using and ready to try something new. Perfect timing!

    1. Trina Avatar

      I’m so excited to hear this, Katrina! I hope you like it! Have you used mineral makeup before?

  3. Jamie Wright Bagley Avatar

    I think I want to try this. I gave up foundation and powder a few years ago because of skin and eye sensitivity. I’ve been longing to find something truly natural and non-irritating ever since. I have perpetual bags under my eyes. (Oh, the joys of juggling the mom and writer hats! It always comes out of my sleep.)

    1. Trina Avatar

      yes, the sleep. and having a clean house. lol
      I think you would love the luxury of having a little something smooth and natural to cover up the dark circles, Jamie! I’d be interested to hear if it works for you!

  4. Barbie Avatar

    I love mineral makeup. I’ve never heard of Cowgirl Dirt and will be checking them out!

  5. Omily Avatar

    Yay, I missed Cowgirl Dirt in your last makeup review 🙂

    The reason I didn’t get their foundation was because I didn’t want to waste money on samples and how on earth do I know which shade to get?
    However, if it has that many uses I suppose it’s worth it 🙂

    Does it stay on pretty long? It seems like powder foundation would just sort of fall off after an hour or so?

    I never wear lipstick since my husband hates it when I do…he says it tastes disgusting and won’t kiss me 😉 I don’t own any but am planning on getting some, sometimes it just makes you feel brave and put-together and sometimes you need that 😉

    1. Trina Avatar

      “brave and put together”–yes, and amen! that’s exactly how lipstick makes me feel!
      I thought the foundation would just fall off, too, Naomi–imagine my surprise when I literally had to wash it off at the end of the day!
      I just kinda looked at the samples and made some guesses. They were such natural shades, or I got lucky, or both that I’ll end up using everything I got. I haven’t had the same experience with other brands I have tried.

  6. Gretchen Louise Avatar

    Great review! So glad you’ve discovered Cowgirl Dirt. You know how much I love it…

  7. Traci Avatar

    Looks great, and what a cute name. I’ve been becoming more interested in switching over to natural products as well and agree that makeup is perhaps the trickiest.

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