Christmas in the Bus {+Trina’s Top 4 Tips for Online Shopping}

Ha. I got you with that title, didn’t I?

Ya’ll are thinkin’ “Aww, poor Trina! She has to spend Christmas in the Bus?!”

Christmas music is playing and we’re trying to make room for a tree…

I’m kidding. We are headed North by the end of November. But Christmas season will be in full swing by the time I get home, so I have to at least start working on Christmas while in the Bus.

I’d really like to ignore the fact that I have that looming list of Christmas to-dos and I’m stuck here on a bus in Alabama, but with Jeremy streaming the Peaceful Christmas station from our favorite Christian Radio station each evening, it’s a little hard not to feel the countdown.

Then I remind myself that I love to Christmas shop online, and that this can be done from the bus as easily as I do it from home, so I start breathing again. (Aren’t you glad?)

I loveย  online Christmas shopping more every year. I probably do over 75% of my shopping online anymore. It’s fast, easy, and leaves me more time for baking and Christmas crafts and spending time with the people the gifts are for.

So, if you’re like me, and like to to your shopping online, here’s my tips:

  1. Do your homework and scope out Cyber Monday deals ahead of time. (not that, ehem, I’ve done this yet, but I think it’s a great idea! which sales/sites are you watching????)
  2. Take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping! Order stuff in big enough clumps that you qualify for Super Saver Shipping ($25 and up). In my mind that’s the real money saver, because I’m not paying gas to get me to the gifts OR shipping to get the gifts to me.
  3. eBooks are a new way to bless your bookworm friends with the classic gift of a good read. (and cut down costs to mail gifts–just send it in an email!) All my favorite ebooks are in my side bar, BTW ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Finally, USE AFFILIATE LINKS! Pardon me for shouting, but I’m trying to drill it through my own head, for Pete’s sake. Did you know that when you use a blogger’s affiliate link to get to Amazon, they receive a percentage on ANY purchase you make–even if it’s not the item they recommended--at no extra cost to you?ย  I totally forgot to do this last year, but I’m committed to using affiliate links for ALL my Christmas shopping this year. It’s a simple way we can bless our favorite bloggers for Christmas!

How about you? Have you started shopping yet? Is the sound of Christmas music playing in Walmart already making your heart skip or stressing you out? How much shopping do you do online? Let’s commiserate on ways to embrace the Christmas to-do lists while reducing stress, shall we?

Oh, and I’m gonna try to be as helpful as I can with your Christmas shopping by hosting at least one amazing giveaway in the next month, as well as letting you in on any good sales that I know you will love!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight…

P.S. if you’re in the mood to get some shopping done now, here’s my link to Amazon. *wink, wink*



7 responses to “Christmas in the Bus {+Trina’s Top 4 Tips for Online Shopping}”

  1. Jess Avatar

    I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine ๐Ÿ˜‰ {affiliate links….I hate self-promoting them, but I don’t even know if mine work lol}

    I honestly need to get Christmas in gear, but I do all of my shopping online. I just can’t be bothered to fight the stores and spend $50 in gas to drive to the nearest shopping town.

  2. Jennifer kindle Avatar

    Mercy. Ive ordered bookoos already from amazon and totally forgot about affiliate links. I have a few more items in my waiting cart, ill use your link next!! Love online shopping!!!

    1. trina Avatar

      Mwah!!!! Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Sandra at Thistle Co Avatar

    Oh yay! You get to spend time in the bus and it’s a lovely bus indeed!
    I make a lot of Christmas gifts…food packages, quilts, throws, embroidered pillow cases, etc. and for those folks who keep saying, “I have everything I need, don’t buy me anything” I’m donating money to save a woman or child from human trafficking.
    I start Christmas the first of the year; even so, I’m generally always late with some gift or other. One year I made six quilts for gifts and was on time. Go figure -smile-.

    1. trina Avatar

      Six quilts…that’s more than I’ve made in my entire life!!!

  4. Carol Barker Avatar
    Carol Barker

    I have all my Christmas shopping done ๐Ÿ™‚ It feels good (sorry) to rub this in…….I had to have it done early cause we are celebrating Christmas the day after thanksgiving with our family since that is when Emily and Kristina and their families will be here at our house. But I must say it does feel good…… your blogs Trina. love, Carol

    1. trina Avatar

      Live you, too, Carol–even if you do have all your shopping done! Lol

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