Did I surprise you? I surprised me!

I’m back. And I’ve got pictures. Lots of pictures. And I chose this one first. I don’t even know why. It’s not my favorite. I prefer my hair down. Someone once had to explain to me the definition of ‘looking like a pinhead’ and ever since I’ve been afraid of looking like a pin head, so I usually don’t post a picture of myself unless I had time to style my hair before the picture was take (which I rarely do). Plus, I’ve been having a bad hair year trying to grow at that wedge hair cut, so I haven’t been able to wear my hair down. (That was remedied by my sister taking her fancy scissors to my head and taking so little off I didn’t have to sweep, yet giving me a fresh new look. Hooray!) All this results in me not posting pictures of myself very often. Now I decide to’ let my hair down’ by posting a picture of me with my hair up. Go figure.  You don’t have to tell me I don’t look like a pinhead, I know I don’t. But I still fear it.

Whoa. Weird bunny trail. Pinheaded bunny trail.

Anyway, I posted this picture first ’cause I wanted to tell you about my glasses before posting all the pictures of our trip, because in the pictures of our trip, I’m wearing my glasses and I didn’t want you all to freak out and wonder if I’ve always worn glasses and you just didn’t notice or something. And I didn’t want to post about my glasses in a post that’s supposed to be about our trip.

So, for starters, here’s a picture of me in my glasses (not looking like a pinhead, I hope).

I have been near sighted in my left eye for years. It was finally getting bad enough that I was afraid to drive at night. I decided it was time to get glasses last fall, and then I got pregnant. And they say your eyes change when you’re pregnant, so I put it off and let Jeremy do most of the driving (which he does anyway!). Finally, it was time to get glasses.

My eye was so bad the optometrist could not believe I’d gone that long without corrective lenses. That’s why I say, me getting glasses is not a sign of the fact that I’m aging. (because I’m not – right, Christine? That’s a story for another time) My glasses are a sign of maturity. As in, I finally did what a responsible adult would do and went and got my eyes checked.

And then I was told I should probably wear them all the time so my eyes can learn to adjust.

And I freaked out, ’cause I was not prepared to pick out all-the-time-glasses with such short notice. I had not had time to research what styles would look good on my face. I did not have any fashion-conscious friends with me to give me advice. And I had 3 kids who were really being quite good, but where getting tired of being in the optometrist’s office for over an hour while Daddy and Mommy had their old eyes checked. (Claire kept trying on $300 dollar glasses and Jesse was using the lounge chairs as a jungle gym)

Despite all that, I made a decision, picked them up on Friday on our way to the concert, and loved them.

And wore them the rest of the day and had fun (and only felt a little bit bad about) making people uncomfortable all evening because they couldn’t figure out what was different about me. I decided I should issue a public apology. Sorry, peoples.

There, do you feel better? Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I will post the long-promised pictures…

6 responses to “Boo!”

  1. Trina Avatar

    Aww, you guys are so kind.

    Contacts are a great invention, but since I really only need the glasses for distance, I decided this would be easier. Watching Jeremy put his in every day gives me the willies.

    Rahrah, I'll never forget the first time I saw Jeremy with glasses – my sisters laughed and laughed. I was slightly less rude and just stared. LOL

    smoore – yes, I could teach quilting. I'll email you!

  2. Katie Avatar

    Heehee Trina…you DON'T look like a pin-head! What's more you look absolutely cute in them. =D

  3. rahraht Avatar

    You look cute in your glasses! Not everyone can pull them off.:)
    I've never enjoyed wearing them and was so glad when I could afford contacts. I wear my glasses at night and when I am sick though, so sometimes if I visiting somewhere overnight or if someone sees me when I'm feeling sick I'll get that puzzled stare. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Isn't it great to be able to see though!

  4. smoore2213 Avatar

    I'm blind in my left eye, so I know your pain. I wear contacts, though.

    I noticed your sewing lessons, do you offer quilting lessons? I don't have a sewing machine but I've been wanting to learn. My email is if you want to shoot me a private email. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Abbey Avatar

    I think you look splendid in your new glasses!!

  6. Serena Avatar

    They look good on you! I have terrible eyes, but I wear contacts because I feel confused when I wear glasses. My eyes are so bad that the only clear bits are right where the lenses are, which means I can't look out of the corner of my eyes or anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

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