Before Breakfast Beauty

I just love this tree I can see out my kitchen sink window – I believe it’s a wild cherry, but the growth style of the branches remind me of something you would see in an African landscape, doesn’t it? When I glanced out this morning for my daily dose of beauty, the subtle shades reflecting the sunrise on the opposite horizon made me realize I had to capture this moment.
Do you not envy me my view? We won’t say just how much juice I spilled as I leaned over the sink, trying to get the aperture right for the picture. Nor will we mention just how black the pancakes got in the frying pan. We will confess that the draft I let in through the open window was well below freezing. An apology to my boys, who were still in their P.J.’s! ๐Ÿ™‚ But it was worth it, don’t you think?

We have some new readers I want to welcome!

I was told by a little bird that we have some readers out in Washington who have never commented. (don’t ask me
what said bird was doing migrating on an east-west route!) But no sooner do I receive this knowledge, than I find a comment the very next day from my dear Aunt Beverly! Welcome to all the rest of the cousins out there! (Yes, you are welcome even if you don’t comment – we love you, too!:))

Also, we heard from April. She has two interesting blogs that you might enjoy. April, can I ask if you are the same April we have met on the YLCF blog? We are honored to have you here!

Also, I think it’s about time that Serena received a welcome. She is one of my first faithful readers, who read this blog before most of the rest of you were even born – I mean, before you knew about the blog. He, he.

Don’t mind me – I’m in a cheerful mood because I have finally figured out how to get my computer work done without a toddler climbing all over my lap, trying to touch the key board! I set up his portacrib (which he usually sleeps in in his bedroom) next to me, and gave him some toys he hasn’t seen in a while. He is such a good baby, really. He doesn’t mind being in a cage, as long as he’s near his mommy. He has enjoyed the week of random and interesting movies being posted over on Will’s blog, though. He sits on daddy’s lap in the evening and watches them, spell bound. I have enjoyed them as well – I have laughed, cried, and, today, received goosebumps, head to knees. Check it out.

So, I am still working on the wreath tutorial. Should be up within a day! You could go out and gather your materials now – mixed pine and evergreen branches – if you don’t live near any woods, go to your local Christmas Tree retailer and ask for the branches they trim off the bottoms of the tree!

5 responses to “Before Breakfast Beauty”

  1. Serena Avatar

    That photo is so beautiful. Both are, actually. I could stare at them for ages.

    And, thank you kindly for the welcome! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now.

    I'm excited about the wreath tutorial. I'll have to walk over to the Christmas tree farm on the next street over to get some branches!

  2. Aunt Marilyn Avatar
    Aunt Marilyn

    Hi Trina,
    Thanks for the photos of the tree, and for the link to the videos, gave me "goose pimples" as they say in England.
    Got me off track for 15 minutes…

  3. Jodes Avatar

    Hi Trina! The tree is lovely. Worth every ounce of effort and spilt juice ;o)

    I'm JodieR from the Sense & Sensibility board. I mostly lurk, but I enjoy reading everyone's posts.

  4. Annabeth Avatar

    Hey Trina!
    I love the tree, it's so beautiful!! I also agree that the tree looks like something from Africa!

  5. Will Avatar

    I agree with you Trina, that tree really does look like it is out of Africa. Also thanks for the mention, I am glad someone is enjoying the videos. ๐Ÿ™‚

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