i’m stuck in this cage
i want to get out
but i’m afraid to knock down the door
i know there are green meadows
and soothing streams on the other side
but i’m still scared to death
scared because no one knows that i’m in here
to break down the door
would reveal to all that i
am a prisoner
that needs to be free
so instead i sit here
pretending to be happy
with fake smiles
i try to ignore the bars that are
obstructing my view
i know i want to be free
from more then this cage
i want to be free from this pride
that is gripping at me
i must lay down my pride
conquer my fear
so i may dwell in green pastures
and sip from the streams of life
it sounds so simplistic
why then is there such a battle for my soul tonight?

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2 responses to “Battle”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    Anja,yet another poem that really hits home. I like the part about wanting to break down the door but then knowing that it will reveal that I'm a prisoner. That really hit home. It's so true. I want to be free, yet being free means I have to admit where I'm bound. And that's not always easy to do. It involves showing others the areas that I struggle and sin in, and a part of me still wants to represent the perfect picture! The stained glass mascerade all over again…. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Will Avatar

    Good job Anja, I like it 🙂

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