Another Lovely Wedding

Garret and Danielle, April 19th, 2008

Here are the pictures of the wedding we attended over the weekend. The Bride was a good friend we have made since moving to the area 3 1/2 years ago, and it had been a joy to watch the Lord bring her the desire of her heart in Garret. When Danielle began planning her wedding with the excitement of a newly engaged bride-to-be last summer, I immediately offered whatever help she may want in the way of flowers. I was delighted when she took me up on my offer and agreed to let me make all the bouquets. I was even more glad when she told me she would like fresh flowers. I have done silks for weddings in the past, but my preference is fresh!

We met together several times to decide on flowers and style, and took a trip down to my flower source to pick out blossoms and make our order. Danielle was fun to work with ’cause she was not picky, and her tastes were similar to my own. If I had been able to make the bouquets for my own wedding, they would have been very similar to Danielle’s, which made it really enjoyable!

There were other similarities in the day – it was the same Church we had our ceremony in, same number of attendants, and even one of the bridesmaids was the same! 🙂 My dear friend Alyssa looked like a princess, did she not? It felt at times like I was there as a spectator at my own wedding!

I made all the girl’s bouquets, with a combination of white spray roses, purple roses, green roses, purple tulips, purple and green mums, white Gerber daisies, sea lavender, and seeded eucalyptus. Danielle’s also contained some goldenrod still in bud, repeating the fresh green in the button mums and the green roses. The corsages had tulips, roses and/or a white carnation, which was the favorite flower of the bride’s mother. The boutonnières were stunning with a single green rose and a sprig of the purple sea lavender. Here are close-ups of the finished bouquets ready to be transported to the wedding…

After the wedding I had the pleasure of assisting the photographer in setting up the formals inside the Church, and coming up with fun poses outside with the bridal party. Here are a few that Jeremy caught on our camera.

I just love being a part of other’s weddings – it’s such a special day, and it’s a joy to help with a few of the many details to give the bride and groom those wonderful memories!

This was my favorite photo outside – all the bridesmaid’s peeking from behind trees. Good idea, Kelly!

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  1. faith Avatar

    the pictures are awesome! i love the one of the brides maids peeking out from behind the trees!

  2. Will Avatar

    "a combination of white spray roses, purple roses, green roses, purple tulips, purple and green mums, white Gerber daisies, sea lavender, and seeded eucalyptus." um wow! The bouquets look great Trina. I did not even know there were such things as green roses! :p

  3. Abigail Avatar

    I really like those colors.

  4. Anna Avatar


  5. Anna Avatar

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