The Adventures of Little Dog, part two

The other day, The Boy wanted to go outside. He pulled a chair to the hat and mitten box, found his mittens, scarf, and hat. Then he pulled his snow pants and coat off the hooks, and found his boots. All by himself. Since he had done half the work, I decided I could do my part and help him get dressed. At the last minute, he announced that Little Dog wanted to come along.

I looked out at the powdery whiteness abounding, and down at the Little Dog, wagging his tail at me. I thought how snowy his fur would get. I thought how much FUN he would have. And I thought of an idea.

With a jacket of The Boy’s zipped up to his chin, and the arms tied around his body, Little Dog was cozy warm, and ready to go out in the snow. The Boy was delighted. He grabbed his tractor and trailer, and off they went.

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  1. Jeremy Avatar


    Yes, I would say look for some kind of shell as a waterproof windbreak. Then you can layer under it for any kind of temps. And a few layers are going to be much warmer than any single insulated layer anyway.


  2. Natalie_S Avatar

    Thanks for the advice. I've looked at Sierra Trading Post before, but I wasn't sure what I needed. If windbreaking is most important I might just get me some shell pants that can double-duty for warmer weather and layer my wool and polypro long johns under them. Just wanted some advice from thrifty folks who live in the white stuff – hypothermia isn't on my to do list for this winter.

  3. Trina Avatar

    ha-ha! I just left a comment on your blog with the same info, Natalie! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rachel, I have thought of making the adventures of little dog into a story book for jesse. I guess the only thing stopping me is the fear of how many times I would have to re-read a book that would surely become his all time favorite! LOL

  4. Jeremy Avatar


    I would check Sierra Trading Post. they are an online sporting goods closeout store and their prices and reputation are great.

  5. Natalie_S Avatar

    He is so very cute. Reminds me of a stuffed dog I used to play with all the time (and who in fact is currently sitting on my dresser).

    On a not quite unrelated note, is there some place on-line you could recommend for getting snow pants? I'm planning several camping trips to the snow this winter, and I was trying to find some economical alternative wet blue jeans.

  6. Rachel Avatar

    I have enjoyed reading the adventures of Little Dog! I think you could make a book out of it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Abbey Avatar

    Little Dog looks very cozy!!

  8. Mrs. Guthrie Avatar

    lol… That is so cute! Every time I read of The Boy and Little Dog's adventures, I think of the Velveteen Rabbit… ๐Ÿ™‚

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