A Writer’s Paradise {Checking in from the Boonies}

Jacksonville Mobile Home Park is a writer’s paradise. It’s quiet with no attractions to distract. It’s much too hot to garden or do anything else outside, so once the dishes are done and the children are napping, an entire hour or two of air-conditioned quiet stretches in front of me. Because of limited internet access, time I used to busily fill up with ‘important’ to-dos on social media is now free to read, think, and create. It’s nice for a change.

Except for that whole part about missing the interaction with my awesome readers and online friends! Ahh, well, there’s a season for everything. This summer it seems our family is going to enjoy and benefit from a very inward-focused season. We’re living in close quarters (nothing refines you like no elbow room) and we have no outside relationships to distract us from investing in each other.

I’m reading aloud to the kids more than I do at home. We’re studying character in homeschool every morning and we’re already seeing the fruits of more focused attention and training in the last week. Jeremy and I are enjoying the closeness couples always experience when they’re both excited about and working on the same project. I’m even enjoying cooking again, in spite–or perhaps because of?–the challenge of a small kitchen without a good oven.

And in the afternoons I’ve been writing. I have yet to post any of the thousands of words I’ve written, as my internet source is my husband’s phone, and he is very busy with his new role as landlord to a 60-lot mobile home park. So, I just keep writing and am delighting in actually having time to type out all the words and ideas and stories that constantly fight for release in my brain.

I’ve been working on something special for my readers who’ve always dreamed of publishing a book: a behind-the-scenes look at the entire process of the making of “Real {Fast} Food”, from editing to cover design, formatting to marketing. I’m gonna share what we did that worked, what we’d do different next time, and my personal advice especially geared toward {Smaller Bloggers} and DIYers. I’m really excited and look forward to sharing it with you.

Until next time I’m near a hot spot (or, my hot manWinking smile),


What would you do with your time if you took a week off social media? Might be interesting to try it. I shared what I learned from a month off facebook here.

10 responses to “A Writer’s Paradise {Checking in from the Boonies}”

  1. Jessica @ Muthering Heights Avatar

    It sounds like such a lovely retreat! 🙂

  2. Mandy Avatar

    So glad to hear from you! Can’t wait to read the new series!

  3. Shirah Avatar


    When are we going to see that cliff hanger posted???

    1. Trina Avatar

      First post goes up next week, Shirah! I’m just finishing up the series now…

      1. Shirah Avatar

        Awesome! Looking forward to it. I trust Alabams is treating you and your brood well!!! Thank you for such transparency – – – only can come from knowing HIM!!!!!

  4. Gretchen Louise Avatar

    Positively love that last line… 😉 Looking forward to reading all those posts!

  5. Lisa Avatar

    I am so looking forward to reading about your e-book process! I’m still studying it as I SLOWLY write a book. (Don’t forget to include when you found time to write! I keep thinking there must be another few hours in my day I didn’t know about! ha!) Stay cool – it’s been in the low 100s here and I must be even hotter there since you’re farther south. God bless!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Lisa, I’m so excited that you’ve begun this journey. I hope I can be an encouragement! Did you see my post a while back on how I made time to write?

      1. Lisa Avatar

        Trina – I’m not sure. I do remember you writing about “Tell Your Time” and how that helped you – but if you had a specific post – I haven’t seen it!

  6. Stacey Avatar

    You know, it sounds REALLY nice. Pros and cons, and all that, but you enjoy this time!

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