4 Reasons I’m Excited to Move to Alabama for the Summer

In real life conversations I’m having trouble convincing people that I really am excited to live in a bus in an Alabama trailer park for the summer. (In contrast, you, my dear readers, all seem ready to hop on the bus with me! Thanks for your enthusiastic comments!) So, I analyzed it (‘cause I’m analytical like that) and here’s 4 reasons I came up with:

1. A change is as good as a rest. My mother taught me this. When we were tired of doing math, she offered us a chance to vacuum. Tired of weeding? How about gathering kindling? We couldn’t afford a lot of down time on the homestead, so we learned to appreciate variety in place of leisure. This was an important aspect of the strong work ethic they instilled in us.

In Alabama I will still be a wife, mother, and homemaker. I will still have to cook and do laundry just as much. But I’ll have a different view out the bus window as I wash dishes, and I’ve always loved variety.

{Change is not a substitute for rest, though, and I have felt the need to create some rest in my life. That’s why I took some steps to simplify my online presence for the next few months. When I’m done doing the dishes and tidying the bus, I plan to relax a bit. Wish me luck. I struggle with rest. :P}

2. I love adventure. This didn’t used to be the case. Although I’ve always enjoyed seeing new places, fear was my constant traveling companion. Anxiety stole much of the zest from new opportunities. But ever since God delivered from my life-long Anxiety Disorder, I’ve gotten a lot more joy out of life.

How do I plan to embrace this trip as an adventure? We’re gonna go exploring on the property–if poison ivy and snakes don’t confine us to the beaten path. We’re gonna find a library, a park, and—hopefully—a hot spot Mommy can blog from once or twice a week! I’m going to experience Alabama! (Any tips? Ever been? Do you live there? Let’s meet!)

3. I like a challenge. You won’t often see me tackle the same type of project twice. I love new patterns in the studio, new recipes in the kitchen, new varieties in the garden. I used to confine my experiments to the safety of my own domain. But again, since being set free from anxiety, I’ve savored the idea of taking my love for a good challenge on the road.

I’m actually looking forward to meeting new people, sourcing raw milk, and getting to know my way around a new neighborhood.

Have I explained myself? I don’t know. Reading this list I hardly recognize myself from the person I was 5 years ago. Meeting new people? Getting outside my comfort zone? Embracing change? Who is this lady?

And then I realize the biggest reason I’m so excited to move to Alabama for the summer…

4. God’s Grace. He is why I have joy to begin with. He is the One who helps me view the future with hope. This opportunity is part of His plan for provision for our family, and He’s been gracious enough to give me the strength to embrace the next season with joy.

Yup, when I think about it, I think God get’s most of the credit for the silly grin on my face.

Alabama, here we come!!!

We leave next week, but in the meantime, we’re going on a Holden Family Reunion/camping trip that was planned before we knew about Alabama. So, I’m off for a week of tenting in a state park on the lake, just a few miles from home. Tent camping for a week=just one more reason I’ll be grateful for bus life next month! LOL

Cue crickets…it’s gonna be quiet around here for a little while! But you can follow me on my new facebook page where I will have the ability to post photos from my phone. In case you’re, like, addicted to me or something. Oh, please. I hope not.


9 responses to “4 Reasons I’m Excited to Move to Alabama for the Summer”

  1. kateri Avatar

    I’ll skip the Alabama summer heat, but I do think this will be an exciting adventure for you and the little ones. I do hope you will be able to do some blogging while you are down there. It would be neat to follow along a bit. 🙂

  2. Heather Avatar

    Sounds like a wonderful family adventure!! I love the south…even with the heat. 😉

  3. Jessica @ Muthering Heights Avatar

    What a fun summer adventure!!!

  4. Kristina Avatar

    I am excited for your summer trip.(I am a little jealous of you too, I do have to say!) 🙂 I think it will be fun for you all to do something different. It is not often that you get to travel the country and see the different states! Ray and I would like to go cross county sometime. Maybe now that Emily and CJ are moving to Co. we will be able to do it!:)
    Hope you have safe travels. You are in my prayers!
    Sending you HUGS!

  5. Leisha Avatar


    I was excited to read that you will be joining us here in the deep south for the summer – not sure what part of Bama you’ll be in….we are in Huntsville….and go to church with some Holdens….what are the odds??? I would love to extend some good ole’ southern hospitality and offer to help out with anything I can! By the way……August has arrived early this year!!!

  6. Daisy Avatar

    I’m from Mississippi, so being in Alabama would be almost heaven for me, since I’m stuck here in South Florida! The people are friendly, food is great, and churches are everywhere! The northern part is close to the mountains and the southern part has the best beaches in the South. And SEC football is a religion, so be prepared, especially if you’re close to Tuscaloosa (Univ of AL) or Auburn! Mobile has a battleship that you can tour, plus Bellingrath Gardens are amazing. I’m getting homesick, can’t wait till we travel back there in the fall to return our son to college in MS!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Yeah! You are making me so excited to head south, despite the heat!
      I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, so I’m hoping my southern roots kick in and I feel right at home.

  7. Erin Avatar

    God is good! This is going to be such a great experience for you and Jeremy and the kids. Who knows… You may just fall in love with Alabama (but we’d sure miss you here in Upstate NY)! 😉

    Praying for blessings and safety (no snakes please!), rest, and refreshment in your walk with Christ as a wife and mother.

    Love & a virtual hug…

    P.S. I’m only s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y addicted to you. 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      Ah, I don’t think anything could steal my heart from NY – have you seen the weather out there today???? LOL
      thank you for your prayers. much appreciated. {hugs}

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